Professors McGonagall and Binns’s Must-Haves for the New Year at Hogwarts

As September 1 draws near, there’s no doubt that professors across the Hogwarts grounds are making preparations for not just their students but themselves. Let’s take a look at what two infamous Hogwarts professors might declare must-haves for the 2020 school year.

Minerva McGonagall – our favorite Transfiguration professor and Animagus – would likely take a preventative approach to her preparations. After all, why wait until the problem presents itself when you could already have a solution at the ready?

These Temptations MixUps are crunchy and soft, so when McGonagall is in feline form between classes, she’s never hangry.


Temptations cat treats for McGonagall in her cat form

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This IMAK compression mask is a perfect remedy for any headaches or migraines brought on by teaching the next generation of Potters and Weasleys.


compression eye mask

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A Pride flag that’s inclusive to all would be one of the most featured items on the Transfiguration classroom wall. Every student would know that McGonagall’s classroom is a safe space for learning.


A Pride flag

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Professor Binns may not be a favorite amongst Hogwarts students, but his History of Magic classes are no less important because of it. Instead of trying to fight the inevitable, Binns would probably have learned by now to include some adaptive learning objects to the start-of-term list.

This 16GB digital voice-activated recorder makes sure that even if (when) students fall asleep in class, the lecture will be there for them to listen to later. It’s even perfect for the Hermione-types who would never fall asleep in class but would like to listen to the lecture more than once.


Recorder for recording Binn's lessons

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These confetti cannons are not only biodegradable but perfect to shock a classroom full of dozing students awake. Hopefully, Binns would make sure to give it to a student he trusts to use it on his behalf. It would be unfortunate for them to fall into the hands of a Weasley.


Confetti cannon party poppers

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This pack of Breathe Right nasal strips can be magicked onto the nose of snorers so that their loud nostrils don’t disrupt the rest of the class… or at least the handful of students actually trying to listen.


Breathe Right Nasal Strips for Professor Binn's class

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I don’t know about you, but even though I’m not an Animagus or ghost professor, a lot of these products look like they would come in handy this school year.


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