Rupert Grint and Jude Law Donate Prized Items to Raise Funds for War Child’s Crowdfunder

A prolific list of actors and celebrities have come together to donate items and experiences to raise funds for War Child‘s Emergency Coronavirus Crowdfunder. Among them are Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, and Jude Law, who is our current Albus Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The actors have donated a signed wizard chess set and a wand, respectively.

Organized by War Child, the Emergency Coronavirus Crowdfunder features an incredibly rare assortment of exclusive merchandise and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Donors can buy some items directly. For other items, donors can contribute a small amount to be entered into a raffle. Other items are up for auction.

War Child is a nonprofit organization working with children in conflict zones to alleviate their suffering and improve their standard of living. Its frontline staff members have had to work tirelessly since the coronavirus pandemic broke out to contain the spread of the deadly virus in these areas where health care services are severely lacking and families cannot afford basic treatments. In a statement on its website, War Child emphasized the bleak outlook for children in these areas:

Coronavirus is more than a health crisis. For vulnerable children already living in some of the most difficult and dangerous circumstances in the world, the impact could be devastating. Many families in conflict zones now in lockdown have lost their incomes overnight, pushing them further into poverty and leaving them at risk of starvation. For those living in refugee camps, conditions are cramped and coronavirus will spread quickly. With already weakened immune systems, and no proper healthcare to fall back on, children will die from Covid-19. And children who should be at school are more at risk than ever from child labour and recruitment into armed groups.

Since his character, Ron Weasley, is a wizard chess whiz, it is only fitting that the item that Rupert Grint donated was a signed wizard chess set. To top it off, the set also includes a miniature re-creation of the chess challenge guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone at the end of the first Harry Potter movie. Interested fans only need to pay £5 for a chance to enter the draw to win this special chess set.


Rupert Grint's signed chess set for the War Child Fundraiser is pictured.

Rupert Grint’s signed chess set for the War Child fundraiser is pictured (Credit: War Child)


As for Jude Law, he donated a signed Dumbledore wand and two Funko Pop!s of the beloved headmaster of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, the items are now out of stock.


Jude Law's donation to the War Child Fundraiser is pictured.

Jude Law’s donation to the War Child fundraiser is pictured (Credit: War Child)


If you’re looking to support a noble cause, consider donating to War Child today! Who knows, you might just be the lucky winner of some very precious merchandise!


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