“Strike: Lethal White” Gets August Premiere Date

Fans of the Strike TV series have something to look forward to! Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger will be returning to television screens in the roles of Comoran Strike and Robin Ellacott sooner than expected.

Strike: Lethal White will premiere on BBC One in the United Kingdom on Sunday, August 30, with the second episode airing on Monday, August 31. Due to the uncertainties surrounding TV production during the coronavirus pandemic, fans had wondered whether the release of the fourth season of Strike would be delayed. However, Radio Times revealed that because filming for this series began in September 2019, the show was able to wrap up production before lockdown.

This adaptation of the fourth book in the Cormoran Stike series will see the show return for four episodes instead of the usual three. However, despite the additional episode, there were of course still parts of the book that haven’t made it to the on-screen adaptation. Scriptwriter Tom Edge revealed that there is one scene in particular that was cut that he hopes to bring back in future series:

There was a lovely sequence in the book where Strike’s nephew is taken ill and Strike and Robin reunite at his bedside. And that was tough to lose. But inevitably one of the challenges is reshaping the book to four hours, and it just didn’t have a home them [sic].

One of the comforts was that, as we move forward, the things that we haven’t used in previous books, sometimes they are sitting there as the perfect solution to something else you’re trying to do. So never feel like everything is lost forever.

Strike: Lethal White sees Strike and Robin take on professional and personal challenges. The pair is faced with an intriguing case when a man named Billy (Joseph Quinn) arrives at Strike’s office asking for help to investigate a crime he thinks he witnessed as a child. This leads Robin to go undercover in the House of Commons while Strike is hired by government minister Jasper Chiswell (Robert Glenister) on a blackmailing case. Meanwhile, Strike’s pregnant ex-girlfriend (O’Keefe) makes an appearance, and Robin is feeling the strain of the pressures of her job on her relationship.

In addition to new mysteries for the leads to solve, Strike: Lethal White will also feature an array of new cast members including Joseph Quinn (Overlord), Robert Glenister (Live by Night), Nick Blood (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and Natasha O’Keeffe (Sherlock).

There is no trailer yet for Strike: Lethal White, but with the first episode fast approaching, we’re sure one will drop soon. For fans of Strike in the United States, we know that the series will return to Cinemax, but there we do not have a premiere date as of yet.

Are you excited to see the return of Strike and Robin to TV? What about the upcoming release of the fifth book in the series, Troubled Blood?


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