The Coolest “Harry Potter” Backpacks, Purses, and Bags for Whatever You’re Doing This Fall

It’s almost September 1 – time to get back to Hogwarts! And while, with the current state of the world, kids and college students may or may not be physically heading back to school this fall, it never hurts to have the coolest bag to show off your fandom love, no matter what age you are or what you’re doing in the coming season.

The realm of Harry Potter–themed bags out there is vast, so we’ve pulled together a list of our favorites to give you some ideas for what kind of geeky bag you’d like to hold your precious belongings.

If you’re looking for something to hold your school supplies, Bioworld has a variety of licensed Potter-themed backpacks, like these ones covered in a Hogwarts alumni print or in Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letters:


red, grey, and yellow backpack with Hogwarts alumni print, Hogwarts crest backpack covered in Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter print


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And for those who like to wear their Hogwarts Houses with pride, there are plenty of House-themed backpack options.


backpack covered in Gryffindor symbols on grey material green Slytherin backpack


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Hufflepuff varsity-style backpack Ravenclaw varsity-style backpack


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If all you need is a mini backpack for a short outing, check out this adorable Hedwig bag from Loungefly:


white Hedwig backpack


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This Hogwarts interchangeable backpack/messenger bag suits multiple needs:


red and yellow striped bag with large Hogwarts crest


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JuJuBe also has a collection of high-quality backpacks and other types of bags covered in a number of different Harry Potter prints, like the Honeydukes print, flying keys print, and Platform 9 3/4 print, that are perfect for the whole family. You can read our previous review of the Honeydukes Be Packed and Midi backpacks here.


pink backpack covered in Honeydukes print black diaper bag covered in chibi Potter characters print


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red messenger bag covered in Potter-themed objects print black tote bag with Hogwarts crest in corner


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Going for a run? JuJuBe even has fanny packs.


dark blue fanny pack with flying keys print


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Of course, maybe all you’re doing in the coming months is heading to the store for the essentials. But that’s no reason not to treat yourself to a cool new Harry Potter purse. It’s the little things that keep us going. These House-themed purses have a wonderfully chic look while also being practical with both top handles and a shoulder strap.


red designer-handbag-style Gryffindor purse green designer-handbag-style Slytherin purse


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yellow designer-handbag-style Hufflepuff purse blue designer-handbag-style Ravenclaw purse


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Meanwhile, this sleek satchel purse evokes the style of Harry’s Hogwarts trunk while featuring a cute Hedwig zipper pull.


Hogwarts satchel purse


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And if you’re really feeling nostalgic for the days when you were waiting to be accepted to Hogwarts, how about this fantastic Hogwarts acceptance letter clutch purse?


clutch purse with strap designed like Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter


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Do you have any magical Potter backpacks, purses, or bags? Are any of these designs calling to you?


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