Wizolympics 2020: Bin It to Win It Final

Good evening. This is Amadeus Corvus-Pes Venator coming at you one last time from Kahaku Dome in Tokyo, Japan, to cover the Bin It to Win It final. In this event, the Squib who collects the most pieces of trash from the floor of the arena wins the Galleon medal. All competitors will be paid based on the weight of the garbage they collect, thanks to the results of a meeting earlier this week between WETS, Squibs, and Commissioner Berger to give Squibs more rights and recognition at the Wizolympic Games.

After a tumultuous week of protests and boycotts, it is exciting to announce that Bin It to Win It took place after the Closing Ceremony. The competitors were given safety cloaks and put in the Bubble-Head Charm. Other safety measures put into place included locating each competitor in different parts of the floor, far apart from each other within Kahuku Dome. Most competitors were glad for the distance because it gave them more to pick up without interference from other competitors. Another thing that helped competitors’ chances was that several Squibs dropped out of the event at the last minute due to exhibiting signs of illness.

Despite the drama around Bin It to Win It, the event went off without a hitch. Well, except two seconds into the event, the animosity that formed between Diggory Pitts and Alf Elfie at the Rio Games became very apparent. Pitts ran into Elfie’s area, and they began attacking each other with their pokey-sticks. They both drew blood and were immediately disqualified and removed from the premises. Once that excitement calmed down and the Squibs got to work, it quickly became apparent that there would be six vying for the top spot. The six duking it out for the top spots were Melanie Sia from Tonga, Ann O’Nymous, and returning competitors Madden Foley, Junix Jinkser, Sven Spellmein, and Ophelia Pancho. But then there was the upset of the century for the Wizolympic Games. Pancho tripped on a stair and all the trash fell out of her bin at the last minute of competition.

After the stadium was cleared of all garbage, it was time to weigh and count the items collected. Madden Foley redeemed his Rio performance, collecting 3,189 pieces of trash. Besides the Knut medal, Foley went home with one Galleon, three Sickles, and four Knuts. Ann O’Nymous collected 4,127 pieces of trash. O’Nymous secured the Sickle medal and two Galleons at her first Wizolympic appearance. Sven Spellmein came in with an even 8,000 pieces, breaking the record for most trash collected during Bin It to Win It. Spellmein took home the coveted Galleon medal and three Galleons, four Sickles, and 28 Knuts. Sven Spellmein commented that he would spend the money on butterbeer for the Swiss wizard athletes who had come to accept him as one of their own over the course of the Games.

Well, that’s a wrap on the 2020 Wizolympic Games. Farewell from Tokyo, and we hope you’ll come back to the Daily Prophet for our exclusive coverage of the next Wizolympics.


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