Wizolympics 2020: Closing Ceremony

All the events have concluded here at the 492nd Wizolympics, and it’s time to close the book on another year of magical sporting. I’m Barnabas Cuffe, editor of the Daily Prophet, here with you again, as I was for the Opening Ceremony, to finish things off at the Closing Ceremony, where the torch will be passed to the 2024 host country.



Kahaku Dome is pitch-black, and the crowd is silent, waiting for something big to close out the Games. Since this year’s official Wizolympic mascot, Doppo the Demiguise, has yet to reappear, Hayao the Hoo-hoo comes bursting into the middle of the stadium, blazing bright crimson, to thunderous applause. He soars around the stands to cheers and finally comes to land on the arm of Japanese Minister of Magic Keiko Ishiguro.

There are a few gasps and shouts from the crowd – something else seems to have caught their attention. People are pointing at something making its way toward the Minister and Hayao at the center of the stadium. Could it be? Yes, it’s the original mascot, Doppo the Demiguise! Prone to turning invisible, he disappeared before the Opening Ceremony and was sighted a few times during the Games. His handler, Eliana Yamamoto, runs out to embrace him, sobbing with relief. A collective “aw” rises from the audience, and Yamamoto leads Doppo to the stage to join Minister Ishiguro and Hayao, who welcome him by bowing.

Now entering the stadium is a large black feline with bulging blue orbs for eyes, prowling slowly toward the stage. It slinks its way to the center of Kahaku Dome while the audience whispers among itself in awe. This is surely a matagot, a magical feline native to France, harmless when unprovoked but able to multiply and become aggressive if threatened, so let’s keep her happy. I’ve been informed that her name is Magique, and she is quite majestic. She is joined by the French Minister of Magic, Jean-Luc Perrault.

Before the Games are passed on to Paris for 2024, a moment of silence is held for the fallen during this year’s Wizolympics, including three athletes during the kelpie taming event and a gnome casualty in the gnome toss. We light our wands and raise them in remembrance.

And now we get a little preview of Paris 2024. A line of cancan dancers comes out kicking, their boots and stockings lighting up and changing color with each high kick! They begin alternating red and white for the Japanese flag and then add in blue for the French flag. Now it’s a rainbow of legs down the line! The dancers fall into splits down the line for a stunning finale, and the crowd loves it!

Finally, the torch will officially be passed. Minister Perrault has conjured flames in his hands to prepare for the transfer. Minister Ishiguro, holding the Wizolympic salamander, speaks in Japanese, with her words translated overhead: “Tokyo, Japan, passes the torch of the Wizolympic Games to Paris, France.” Minister Perrault responds, “Paris, France, honorably accepts the responsibility of the Wizolympic Games from Tokyo, Japan.” Ishiguro casts the Water-Making Spell on the salamander and its flame is doused. It jumps into the fire in Perrault’s hands and vanishes with a bang. The crowd is on its feet with cheers and applause, looking forward to a Wizolympics where Bubble-Head Charms will not be necessary.

The audience is asked to remember the current health advisory and keep their distance during the closing party as the music swells and the dancing begins around Kahaku Dome and all of wizarding Tokyo.

The final medal count is below, as well as our coverage of all of this year’s Wizolympics events and news. It’s been a spectacular, albeit unusual, year, and we can’t wait to be with you again in Beijing for the 2022 Winter Wizolympics and in Paris for the 2024 Summer Wizolympics. I’m Barnabas Cuffe of the Daily Prophet, signing off from Tokyo 2020.


2020 Wizolympic Final Medal Count

Japan: 1 Galleon, 2 Sickle, 3 Knut

United Kingdom: 2 Galleon, 1 Sickle, 2 Knut

South Africa: 1 Galleon, 1 Sickle, 1 Knut

Ireland: 2 Sickle

Italy: 1 Sickle, 1 Knut

Bermuda: 1 Galleon

China: 1 Galleon

Egypt: 1 Galleon

India: 1 Galleon

Kenya: 1 Galleon

Micronesia: 1 Galleon

South Korea: 1 Galleon

Switzerland: 1 Galleon

Chile: 1 Sickle

Finland: 1 Sickle

Mexico: 1 Sickle

Philippines: 1 Sickle

Sweden: 1 Sickle

Brunei: 1 Knut

Colombia: 1 Knut

Indonesia: 1 Knut

United States: 1 Knut


2020 Wizolympic Coverage

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