Wizolympics 2020: Expedition Wandless Day 11

It is Day 11 of Expedition Wandless, and what a day it is! I’m Hiltrude Tuft, your Daily Prophet correspondent bringing you the 2020 Tokyo Wizolympic news that you so desperately need.



Since our last update, the British team has become the second team to cross the finish line. It happened yesterday around sunset. There was not a dry eye in that arena, I tell you! Our new favorite couple, Femi Emezi and Dwight Reginald, walked across that line hand in hand with love in their hearts, a single living Tamagotchi between them and – just between you and me – the expectation of a medal. Carnation Willoughby-Myers, the third team member, crossed behind them, her eyes filled with joy.

It seems Team GB’s finish was an inspiration to others since both the Canadian and the Indian teams also crossed the finish line today, one after the other. The Indian team even managed to use a Muggle public restroom just before entering Kahaku Dome, giving the members a 5-point boost just before they crossed. Aside from the Tamagotchi lost fishing, the Indian team managed to keep two of the creatures happy and healthy, thus earning a total of 47 points. The Canadian team also kept two Tamagotchis alive, and the judges awarded the team 30 points for that and 10 for being the fourth team to enter Kahaku Dome.

Meanwhile, our remaining teams appear to be far from finished. The American team started hitchhiking its way along the Shikoku Pilgrimage after its motorboat joyride a couple of days ago, and Merlin’s trousers, the Americans have visited a lot of temples! 23 so far, by my count. Perhaps Team USA will visit all 88? We’ll just have to see. Between Temples 19 and 20 – Tatsue-ji and Kakurin-ji – American team member Thomas Takechi decided to try out one of the new-fangled Japanese Muggle toilets to snag the team an extra 5 points. He operated it with flair, according to the judges, managing to create a slough of perfect Mermish to accompany his toilet use through a combination of button-pressing and… organic methods. Now, this was a controversial moment since some of the judges thought this may have been a symptom of the coronavirus (musical flatulence is a well-known wizarding side effect,) but it was ruled that Mermish is a language, not a musical emittance, and Team USA was given an extra 5 points for style.

Far from being ready to finish, the Australian team is the second team to go for some bonus points by undertaking a spelunking trip. The twins’ fantastic connection still seems to be, well, a fantasy at this point. Mother of team Carnabey Bridgette seems to have lost all composure and is threatening Dora Carnabey with a time-out – can you do that to a 25-year-old? I guess we’ll see – for, apparently, trapping her brother in the caves intentionally. Daniel, on the other hand, seems perfectly content to sit and wait for his mum and sister to dig him out. In fact, he’s been using the time alone to practice his origami and has quite the army of paper kangaroos to keep him company now. That’s a combined 25 points to Australia for their paper-folding and cave explorations!

Things are certainly starting to heat up here as teams are crossing the finish line and snagging extra bonus points. But who will come out on top? That still remains to be seen! Thank you for joining me. I’m Hiltrude Tuft, and you can catch me next at the Wizolympics’ inaugural archery competition tomorrow, where I will be bringing you the who, what, where, and when of our very first centaur sport!


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