Wizolympics 2020: Expedition Wandless Finale

It’s sunset here at Kahaku Dome in beautiful Tokyo, Japan, and we have record-breaking numbers here for the Expedition Wandless finale. I’m Hiltrude Tuft, and it is my great honor to be reporting to you live from the Tokyo 2020 Wizolympic Games Expedition Wandless medal ceremony.



All our teams are here but Klaus, Schmidt, and Von Trapp from the German team, who opted to skip the ceremony in the interest of imbibing more wine. (And who can blame them? By my tally, they’re currently sitting at -1 points.) The tension is palpable as the judges file into the arena. I see some tears on the faces of the Australian team. It seems the Carnabeys are not expecting to place well. At least they have their arms around each other, so it seems they were able to repair some of the emotional damage inflicted along this journey. (At least it made for some good entertainment. I’m sure you agree.)



Well, our teams are all lined up, and the judges are raising their wands to show the scores. First up are the Australians. The Carnabeys received 3 points for crossing the finish line 5th. Added to the rest of their score, that leaves them with a total score of 72 points. Well done, Team Australia! Merlin’s beard, they look pleased to have their wands back. I can’t even imagine.

Next up is Team Canada. For crossing the finish line 4th, the Canadians are given 10 points, which brings them up to a nice, respectable 97. Not too shabby, though they certainly don’t seem happy with that. Jerald Desjardins is attempting to curse the judges now he has his wand back – someone Stun him! There. Well, that wasn’t very sportsmanlike of the Canadians. Let’s move along.

In fourth place, just missing a medal, is the American team. The Americans are up a place from 2016, so at least they’ve got that! For being the last team (aside from Germany) to cross the finish line, the American team is given -4 points. Add that to Abste, Ramirez, and Takechi’s previous score of 106 and they are sitting pretty at 102 points. Congratulations, Team USA! No medal for you, but at least you didn’t get lost this time.

Now for our first medal of the day! We’ve got bronze Knuts for fan favorites Femi Emezi, Dwight Reginald, and Carnation Willoughby-Myers from the British team. For crossing the finish line 2nd and completing all the required tasks and a few others, Team GB rings it in at 123 points. Oh, how sweet! Willoughby-Myers has conjured a series of heart-shaped fireworks for the lovers with her newly returned wand.

Our Sickle-winning team is Simone Santiago, Rose Dimanno, and Roderick Goson from the Philippines! They received a total of 126 points for their focus on crossing the finish line first and keeping all their Tamagotchis alive – the only team to do so successfully. Congratulations, Santiago, Dimmano, and Goson!

That leaves Team India as our Galleon medalists! Divya Ravi, Rahul Nagra, and Aamir Gupta surpassed all the other teams with a total of 145 points! I can’t help but think that their near-Muggle affinity for motorboat driving had something to do with this. They received quite a few bonus points for their expert fishing and long-distance boat driving. This team really raised the bar for what we can expect from Expedition Wandless competitors in the future, and I’m sure the Indians will be ones to watch in Paris in 2024! Well done, Team India!

Well, that takes us to the end of our Expedition Wandless task! What a task it has been! I think by the roars of approval I’m hearing from the crowd here at Kahaku Dome in Tokyo that I’m speaking for more than myself when I say this has been an event for the history books. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in to all our updates. Once again, I am Hiltrude Tuft, your (currently rather teary-eyed) Daily Prophet correspondent, signing off for the last time. We’ll see you all at the Closing Ceremonies!


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