Wizolympics 2020: Waitlifting Final

It’s a drizzly morning here at Kahaku Dome in Tokyo, Japan, but today’s waitlifting final will be delayed by nothing! I’m Hiltrude Tuft, a correspondent from the Daily Prophet reporting from the 2020 Summer Wizolympics.

It may be raining, but our finalists don’t seem to have let that dampen their spirits! On the left, we have Catalina Ardiccioni competing for Italy, her teammate Guiseppe Beltrami cheering her on from the crowd. Competing against and across from her is Kaemon Nakamura, twin brother and teammate of Minami Nakamura, who made it through the qualifying round for Japan without breaking a sweat.

As usual, both teams are required to select new objects to levitate for the final round of waitlifting. Nakamura has chosen a cherry blossom. (Where he got a cherry blossom this time of year, I’ll never know.) Ardiccioni has opted for a bulb of garlic. Both seem to be good, light choices, though I imagine Nakamura’s cherry blossom may wilt if it continues to rain like this.

And we’re off! Nakamura and Ardiccioni stand opposite each other in the center of Kahaku Dome and use their wands to raise their objects. Ardiccioni, apparently as determined to be prepared for the weather as her teammate was in the qualifier, is wearing a full-body rain suit. She must have purchased it from a Muggle shop. She surely would be disqualified for using charmed equipment in the competition otherwise. I see one of the judges peering closely at her through their Spellospecs, but they seem to approve since no action is being taken.

Four hours later…

We still have nothing to report here at Kahaku Dome. Nakamura and his cherry blossom are still standing strong. I haven’t even seen him shift his weight from one foot to the other the way Ardiccioni is doing. Color me impressed! Could Japan send Italy home in the final again? Ardiccioni seems determined to keep that from happening. She is now practicing some deep knee bends, perhaps to keep her legs from stiffening up. Well, I’m off to lunch. Let’s check in again in a few hours.

Ten hours later…

It is 10 p.m. here in Tokyo, and both the rain and our competitors are holding strong. Ardiccioni seems pleased with her Muggle rain suit since it is keeping her dry and warm out there under the sky. I can’t say the same for Nakamura, though he doesn’t appear bothered by the drizzle. He is now lazily performing loop the loops with his cherry blossom in the air. I have never seen such a display of confidence in a waitlifting final – even Ardiccioni seems to be intimidated. Her teammate is shouting support from the stands, though, and it seems to boost her spirits. Nakamura’s twin, Minami, is also watching. She has her arms crossed, a Shield Charm over her head, and a smile on her face. Perhaps they are communicating via some otherworldly twin link?

Six hours later…

The sun is rising, and it is truly glorious! Ardiccioni and Nakamura are both still standing. Nakamura, it seems, is looking pleased with the sunrise. The rain is gone. Ardiccioni appears to be sweating a little in her rain suit. Did she not wear a change of clothes underneath? Oh, dear.

Three hours later…

Under the bright morning sun, our competitors are finally beginning to show some signs of exhaustion. Nakamura is bent over, elbows on knees, and is muttering to himself. Ardiccioni seems to be trapped inside her rain suit. The zipper on the front won’t come unstuck, and judging by her steadily reddening face, the heat is getting to her. Her garlic bulb is also beginning to steam. A delicious aroma is filling the stadium. Mm, I could really go for some breakfast. So could Ardiccioni, it seems! She is stumbling toward her garlic, one hand outstretched, tugging at the zipper on her suit with the other. Is she delirious? Is she starving? Is it a trick?

I don’t believe it! Catalina Ardiccioni is eating her object! She has peeled away the skin and is gobbling down the cloves of garlic. What does it mean? Disqualification, by the looks of the judges. Nakamura looks relieved. His sister is sprinting into the stadium, shouting. The crowd is on its feet. We have a winner, folks! Twin siblings Minami and Kaemon Nakamura of Japan have won the Galleon medal for waitlifting on their home turf!

Another riveting round over, our winners are now being presented with their medals. Japan’s Nakamura twins are given Galleons, Italy’s disappointed Ardiccioni and Beltrami take home another set of Sickles, and Colombia’s Osario and Moreno get Knuts.

That’s it for today! Thank you for following along with us. Once again, I’m Hiltrude Tuft, and this is your Daily Prophet coverage of the 2020 Summer Wizolympics.


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