Come Read My Favorite Incorrect “Harry Potter” Quotes with Me – Part 1

Ah, September… School started this month, winter is around the corner, and the smell of pumpkin pie wafts through the air as October approaches. This period of the year, I imagine, gives off a somewhat wistful and pensive vibe.

However, for me, over in the southern hemisphere (a.k.a. Down Under), summer is supposedly creeping up – not that we are allowed outside at the moment – supermarkets play an obnoxious game of who will be first to broadcast Michael Bublé’s Christmas albums, and the smell of the neighbor’s early attempt to crack out a BBQ and grill a couple of shrimp and/or raw capsicum skin floats across the backyard, reminding us exams are approaching.

Each day is a scurry of cramming this, that, and the other, forever wondering when the phrase “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” will ever come in handy (spoiler: it won’t) until you are blue in the face and soaked with knowledge of dubious future usefulness. Though my exam days are long behind me, I still feel a little anxious and on edge at this time of year. So today, I just want to sit back and scroll through easy, witty, and sassy bite-sized bits of various levels of comedic prowess. There’s no better website for that than Tumblr – a fantastic place housing a cacophony of oratorical fireworks.

So come hang out with me as I list off a few of my favorite incorrect Harry Potter quotes from Tumblr.

*Disclaimer: Some posts below contain swear words.




A lot of these quotes come from popular TV shows, such as New Girl, Doctor Who, and The Good Place. See if you can name them all. (Answers below.)




My interpretation of Dumbledore’s reply: “New phone, who dis?”



Hermione literally EVERY day.




Oooh, get Percy some aloe vera ’cause he got burned.





*Chef’s kiss.* Sirius, brilliant explanation.




Well, yeah, buuuut… shouldn’t.




Sassy Harry is a vibe.


Source *Note: This was done previously by this Tumblr.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel better – a wee bit lighter and at the very least fueled with some epic clap backs. If you are in the flurry of exam prep, then good luck, and here is a little tip: Peppermint supposedly helps with memory. Gum, oil, whatever – get your little paws on some and boost your brain RAM. Second tip: Why are you reading this? Stop procrastinating!

What are some of your favorite incorrect quotes? Do you agree with the quote and character matches?

*Disclaimer #2: Some of the Tumblr pages mentioned above, while seriously funny, contain other content rated 18+. Please use discretion when perusing these sites.

*Writing sources used: The Simpsons; Bob’s Burgers; Unknown; Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Unknown; Unknown; Quest for Camelot; Game Grumps; Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Unknown; The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina; Ed, Edd, and Eddy; Unknown; Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Unknown.


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