Celebrities Who Lost Out on “Harry Potter” Roles

Over the years, the Harry Potter films have garnered their fair share of controversies and criticisms, but one thing that is widely acknowledged is the excellence of the casting. Previously, we reported on ten famous actors who were nearly part of the franchise, and now we’re back with another list of celebrities who lost out on Potter roles.

Recently, Coronation Street actor and LGBT rights activist Charlie Condou kick-started a viral Twitter thread asking actors to share potentially life-changing roles that they had auditioned for but were eventually rejected. Unsurprisingly, there were many stories of missed Harry Potter parts!


Duncan Lindsay as Harry Potter

As the soaps editor for Metro, Duncan Lindsay frequently writes about and discusses British soap operas, but in another lifetime, he could have portrayed the Boy Who Lived instead! Lindsay wrote that he missed his second audition entirely and snarkily suggested that Daniel Radcliffe should thank him for eventually getting the role.



Cassie Compton as Hermione Granger

Can you imagine the brightest witch of her age being portrayed by anyone else other than the phenomenally talented Emma Watson? Singer-songwriter and actress Cassie Compton shared that she went through several rounds of auditions for the role of Hermione Granger, only to receive feedback afterward that she was too old. Compton is known for placing 5th in the first season of The X Factor as well as various roles in British dramas including Call the Midwife (2012) and Mr Selfridge (2013).



Violet O’Hara as Hermione Granger

British wrestler Violet O’Hara nearly made it to the end of the auditioning process, but alas, misfortune struck when she contracted chicken pox and could not attend the screen test. By the time she had recovered, the position had already been filled. What a way to miss out!



Tony Maudsley as Hagrid

Tony Maudsley needs no introduction to the Harry Potter fandom: He played the lovable Grawp in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. However, did you know that he originally auditioned to play Grawp’s older brother, Hagrid? The role eventually went to Robbie Coltrane, but Maudsley still got to be part of the Potter cast in the end.



Mike Channell as Young Tom Riddle 

It’s always a surprise to find out that celebrities in all sorts of industries auditioned for Harry Potter, and one such example is racing driver Mike Channell. He is currently a writer and presenter of video games for OutsideXbox, which has a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. This only goes to show that even if one door closes, many other opportunities may still pop up!



Melissa May Smith as Moaning Myrtle

Melissa May Smith made a very good point in her response to the Twitter thread, sharing how unique the challenges of portraying Moaning Myrtle would be. Although she never received the role, the founder of Urban Young Actors currently enjoys a long and varied career in the arts, with more than 20 years under her belt. Smith’s experiences range from television acting to theater performances to directing and filmmaking. 



Other Hilarious Stories

While they didn’t personally audition, several users had very amusing stories to share regarding the casting process. One user shared that her distant relative made it all the way to the final two to play Ron Weasley, while another user didn’t even get the chance to play an extra… because he chose to play football instead.



Behind every successful cast member lies hundreds of rejected actors, and the Harry Potter film franchise is no different. Although the final Potter cast was very well chosen, we can only imagine how many people were passed over for those coveted roles. Would you have preferred any of the above celebrities instead of the cast actors?


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