MeUndies Launches “Harry Potter” Loungewear That’s Perfect for the Common Room

Our Harry Potter merchandise collection is continuing to grow. MeUndies now has a collection of Wizarding World-themed socks, underwear, bralettes, loungewear, onesies, and robes. Showing up in any of these items will have you picked as Best Dressed at Hogwarts.

There are exclusive robes, underwear, socks, and bralettes that coincide with your Hogwarts House! With multiple fits and styles, you’ll definitely find something that will become your go-to comfort item.


MeUndies Gryffindor loungewear

MeUndies Gryffindor robe and underwear from the “Harry Potter” collection


If House specifics aren’t what you’re looking for, then you still have multiple options. MeUndies has a Mischief Managed print that features Hedwig, Hogwarts Castle, floating candles, Hogwarts letters, Harry’s iconic glasses, and the Sorting Hat. This is the print to go with if you’re anything like us and want one of everything in this collection.


Mischief Managed print collection

Mischief Managed print from the MeUndies “Harry Potter” collection


This loungewear looks extremely cozy and has us wishing we were sitting around the fire with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Gryffindor common room. MeUndies is offering this as a one-time opportunity, so make sure you get yours ordered today. This company values self-expression and authenticity, which is why this collection is a celebration of everyone’s magical journeys to discover their true self. As a special treat, MeUndies has limited-edition packaging for these amazing items, and we wonder what that could be. Which of these will you be ordering today? Let us know!

Press Release

Harry Potter | MeUndies

We’re beyond excited to share this all[-]new Wizarding World[-]inspired collection. The assortment is made with our exceptionally soft MicroModal fabric and will launch exclusively at on 10/27.

One of the most highly requested collaborations from our fans, this spellbinding collection includes five incredible prints: one Wizarding World-themed print titled Mischief Managed - that features images of floating candles, Hedwig, and the Hogwarts [C]astle and [-] one for each of the four Hogwarts [H]ouses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. With this collection, fans can dress—unbelievably comfortably—from head to toe in the colors of their House. Included in the collection: Undies, Socks, Bralettes, Loungewear, Onesies, and Robes.

So many of us grew up with Harry, Hermione, Ron, and all the other iconic characters we met at Hogwarts. We followed along with their journey of discovering themselves and their unique gifts. We observed as each unique character brought something different to the Great Hall. At MeUndies, we value self-expression and authenticity above all else, which is why this collection is a celebration of our own magical journeys to self-realization, friendship, and seeking out our true potential.

There’s only one opportunity to get this limited-edition collection, so don’t miss out! As an added special treat, each order will arrive [at] your doorstep in limited[-]edition packaging.


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