The Shop That Cannot Be Named Celebrates a Magical Opening Week

The Shop That Cannot Be Named may sound sinister, but this magical store in Stoke-on-Trent has been a hit with Potter fans during its opening week, despite the current coronavirus pandemic affecting in-store shopping in the United Kingdom.

Run by Kay and Lee Burgess, a husband and wife team with a passion for Potter, the store opened its doors to the public on October 3 and has been receiving rave reviews from the community.

Having previously sold Potter merchandise at conventions, the pair began planning the move to a permanent store just over a month ago. But despite its title, the Shop That Cannot Be Named is much more than a store selling licensed merchandise.

An image of The Shop That Cannot Be Named.


Spread over two floors, there are sections devoted to wands and collectibles, Dark Arts, Hagrid (because why not?), a platform nine and three-quarters photo opportunity, and a “girl power” corner.

An image of Hagrid's corner it The Shop That Cannot Be Named.


Soon, Kay and Lee Burgess hope to add interactive experiences to their shop, including lighting and special effects when customers chose their wands, another photo opportunity, and a Sorting Hat experience.

Eventually, when a customer picks up a wand, they’ll be blasted with air and light up. We’re getting a sit-on broom where people can have photos – and once Covid-19 is over, people will be able to wear the [S]orting [H]at and discover their [H]ouse.

We want it to be a place for tourists to visit – it’s not just a Harry Potter shop; it’s an experience. I’m just excited to see what everyone thinks!


Customers enjoying the photo opportunity at The Shop That Cannot Be Named.


Due to current coronavirus restrictions, there is a limit of ten people at a time inside the Shop That Cannot Be Named, but that didn’t stop excited Potter fans from queuing to get a first look at the store on opening day. In fact, the store owners are “overwhelmed’ with how popular the store has been during its first week.



If you’re planning to visit the Shop That Cannot Be Named, you can expect to find officially licensed products for sale, such as Hogwarts House scarves, wands, toys, and plushies, alongside fan favorites such as the Wizards Magic chocolate and more.

Will you be making the trip visit the Shop That Cannot Be Named? Do you have a favorite fan-run Potter store in your local area?


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