Marks & Spencer Launches New Line of “Harry Potter” Chocolate Treats

British retailer Marks & Spencer has a few magical new additions to its M&S food label, and they just so happen to be Harry Potter chocolate treats! shared photos of the new line in a Marks & Spencer store, while Tyla has shared photos of the products from the brand itself.

The chocolates include a hollow milk chocolate Sorting Hat, a milk chocolate Elder Wand (paired with some sherbet lemons), a chocolate Golden Snitch, and even a Chocolate Frog! The photos from show additional items, including a gift set with a plush Harry Potter doll and chocolate wand, and a Forbidden Forest quiz chocolate Advent calendar adds to the gift-giving possibilities. Based on the pricing information provided by Tyla and the photographs of the price tags in the store from, it appears that the items range from £1 for a Chocolate Frog to £14 for the plush and chocolate wand set.

Tyla gives some more information about what fans can expect from the items. For example, the site describes the Chocolate Frog as being similar to an Aero bar, while the Advent calendar reportedly includes “12 foiled milk chocolate [P]atronuses in the shape of stags and 12 foiled solid milk chocolate balls” – yum!

The new Harry Potter treats are available in Marks & Spencer stores now. Have you purchased any?


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