Perfect Pints: Matching Ice Cream Flavors with “Harry Potter” Characters

This month is all about comfort, and down here in Australia, comfort in December means t-shirts, swimming costumes, and ice cream. Perhaps you’re a gelato kind of person, all watermelon and raspberry, or else a nice refreshing lemon. Or maybe you’re a chocolate fiend, digging into those scrumptious Ben & Jerry’s-type ice creams. Here we’re finding out who’s a cone person and who’s a cup person, who likes something sweet and colorful or dark and sophisticated. This is the only Sorting ceremony that counts, ladies and gentlemen.


Ron Weasley: The Works with Everything 

Ron Weasley wants the works when it comes to ice cream. His ice cream needs at least two scoops – because if you’re splurging a bit on ice cream, you might as well splurge some more, right? And he’s a cone guy through and through – why not pick the packaging that you can eat? As for flavor, anything with chocolate, brownie batter, peanut butter, or fudge is perfect – preferably all together. Ben & Jerry’s was made for people like Ron, people who are not afraid to try something new and exciting and simply mix together all their favorite parts about ice cream.




Albus Dumbledore: Sprinkled with Sophistication

Dumbledore’s ice cream choice is all about flavor, sophistication, and fun. How can these all fit in one ice cream, you ask? Easy. Dumbledore’s choice is a scoop of dark red raspberry gelato with dark chocolate swirl – full of flavor but also rather stylish as far as ice cream goes. He tops this off with a classic waffle cone, the kind dipped in chocolate and rimmed with rainbow sprinkles. That’s just how Dumbledore rolls.




Luna Lovegood: Anywhere the Mood Takes You

Luna Lovegood is an avid ice cream admirer. After all, we’re talking about a food that can be both liquidy and melted but also perfectly frozen and smooth – it’s pretty much magic. Luna has even tried making her own ice cream before. If you thought Gurdyroot didn’t work well as tea, you’d also be right about it not working too well as ice cream, according to her friends. But Luna enjoys it and tells us it’s a little like our Muggle equivalent of matcha ice cream, but with a hint of beetroot. As for other flavor preferences, Luna likes picking ice creams with interesting names and was particularly excited about Ben & Jerry’s “Phish Food” flavor, thinking that perhaps they had figured out how to make real-life chocolate fish. 




Bellatrix Lestrange: One Flavor to Rule Them All

Bellatrix isn’t the kind of person who has time for ice cream as a general rule, but she does have a certain soft spot for black licorice gelato. Its dark color and the way it turns her tongue dark secretly amuses her. Like everything else in her life, Bellatrix has high standards for her ice cream – it must be smooth and soft with just enough licorice ripple. Woe to anybody who serves her a scoop of icy gelato! 




Draco Malfoy: Savory and Slytherin 

You can be sure that Draco Malfoy’s ice cream choice is going to cause a scene. Holding true to his Slytherin pride, Draco’s pick is pistachio ice cream, a more savory yet controversial choice. He’s also a strict cup person – anybody who embarrasses him by getting sticky ice cream all over their face will hear from his father.


Pistachio Ice Cream



Nymphadora Tonks: A New Direction Every Time

You may think that bubble gum-flavored ice cream would suit Tonks down to the ground, but she doesn’t like being pigeonholed like that. She chooses a new flavor every time she goes to get ice cream and likes to mix it up with flavors that shouldn’t go together. This time, she’s gone for two scoops – one rainbow and sickly sweet and the other a scoop of rich dark chocolate spiced with cardamom. Remus all but begged her to get a cup in order to avoid any upsetting ice cream mishaps, but Tonks likes to live dangerously and had her ice cream scoops piled extra high in a cone.


Nymphadora Tonks Character Photo



Professor Sprout: Simply Ice Cream

Professor Sprout has been known to grab an ice cream or two, liking to play it safe and simple with a fresh fruity gelato or plainer ice cream flavor like vanilla bean. And there’s nothing wrong with that – a perfect vanilla can be as much of a delightful experience as a scoop of chocolate fudge swirl. Professor Sprout also likes to opt for vegan ice cream more often than not and always chooses a cup so that she can enjoy her ice cream at her own pace.


Vanilla Ice cream



The world of ice cream is weird and wonderful, just like the wizarding world. There are endless possibilities and recipes for our favorite summertime snack and many other Harry Potter characters waiting for their magical pairing. What will you choose for your favorite character?


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