Wizarding World Digital Launches Deck the Great Hall Digital Experience

Wizarding World Digital has opened the gates of the Great Hall for fans in select countries. Deck the Great Hall is a brand-new digital experience that allows us to leave a message for our loved ones by lighting a floating candle. The idea is that as the messages get more and more numerous, the magical hall will get brighter and brighter. So get decorating so that the hall can sparkle and glow just in time for the Christmas feast at Hogwarts.




When you visit the Deck the Great Hall site, you will be asked for your name, age, and country. After this, the gates of the Great Hall open and you’re in! You can either elect to decorate the Christmas tree in your House colors by levitating bulbs and tinsel or to leave a message for a loved one by summoning a floating candle. The messages are numbered so that the recipient can easily find it. You can also search for a message that someone else has left for you or browse freely among other fans’ messages.

Recording artist Liam Payne launched the experience by leaving the first message. As a self-professed proud Gryffindor, he spoke of the honor as follows:

I’ve always loved ‘Harry Potter,’ and we always make sure we find time to watch each of the films every Christmas. Every time I see those floating candles filling the Great Hall, it makes me wish I could do that in my [H]ouse, so I was really excited to hear that I could send one virtually.

I think one of the most important parts of Christmas is sending love to the people you care most about, and Deck [t]he Great Hall is such an ace way to do this. I hope lots of fans join in, and I can’t wait to read everyone’s messages!

Not only that, but Payne also hinted that he has left clues that lead to numbered messages that he has left his fans. See his clip below, in which he tries out the experience with TikTok star Abby Roberts.




There may be more celebrity candles coming up in the weeks leading up to the holidays, so keep looking for candles. Gather your Ravenclaw friends who are good at riddles and solving clues. Maybe leave them a lovely personalized message to butter them up and get them in on the detective work? Or perhaps sending them a picture of the tree decorated in blue bulbs might be a good way to convince them. It’s all possible in the magical Hogwarts Great Hall starting now.


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