6 Things We Want From the Rumored “Live-Action” Harry Potter HBO Series

By now you’ve surely heard the rumor that HBO is floating the idea of a “live-action” Harry Potter series (as if the films weren’t already live-action and this is a total 180 from them, but I digress…). This rumor has been floating around for years but gained a bit of traction last year after a blogger claimed to have “insider info” that a series was more seriously being considered. It resurfaced today thanks to a Hollywood Reporter article stating, well, exactly the same rumor that has gone around for years. This isn’t new information, but we all know how the internet LOVES to profit off of Harry Potter fan excitement, so this was bound to be dredged up again. For the record, Warner Bros. maintains that “there are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform.”

Regardless, here we are, once again, debating back and forth among ourselves as to what this theoretical series should be. We put together this little list below in an attempt to maybe, even just a little bit, encourage the powers that be to listen to the potential viewers of the show and what we want from it. Also, we wanted a slice of the proverbial pie. We are a part of the internet too, after all.


The Must-Haves

We can’t support the series without these.


1. Confrontation of J.K. Rowling’s Views

Regardless of what side of the non-debate you’re on, a large portion of the fandom is feeling disenfranchised right now due to Rowling’s harmful comments about transgender folk. If Warner/HBO wants us on board, this needs to be addressed honestly and up front. We won’t accept anything less. Some would even say that Rowling shouldn’t be involved at all, aside from signing off. This is also acceptable but does not replace the addressing of the issue.


2. Diverse Cast and Crew

No matter what this series ends up being, from a retelling of the seven novels to stories set outside of Harry’s, the talent behind the camera and in front of it absolutely must, without question or hesitation, be diverse. One of the biggest criticisms of the original films is the almost entirely white cast or the whitewashing of characters, as well as the predominately male, white crew and creatives. DESI HARRY. Come on, you know you’re here for it. 


3. All-New Cast and Crew 

This goes along with point #2, but please, for the sake of all that is good, do not recast anyone from the films, even in new roles. No matter how tempting it may be, please, just, no. We are in desperate need of new talent. Please. As for the crew, let’s be clear that we absolutely love the team of creatives who produced the films. They presented us with a rich and exciting world to disappear into for a few hours, but we want something new – totally fresh. If WB hires the same people, the potential to make the same series over again, just longer, is high.


The Story Itself

These are some of the stories that could be told.


4. A Straight Retelling of the Novels

This isn’t necessarily what most people would prefer, but it is the most obvious option. It has been ten years since the film franchise came to an end, and in Hollywood time, it is overdue for a reboot. A TV adaptation of the novels would allow for more of the story to be developed and fill out the subplots that are sorely missing from the films. From the Marauders, the proper exploration (and explanation) of the Horcruxes, SPEW, and more, 8-10 episodes per book would allow for a deeper exploration of the novels we love.


5. Including Stories from the Apocrypha

MuggleNet Editorialist Irvin, a.k.a. hpboy13, often refers to stories from within the apocrypha while fleshing out his columns. One MuggleNet staffer noted that it would be “interesting to include things that were added later as backstory on Pottermore” to the storytelling. Whether or not you view these as canon, the stories could help flesh out the world and bring a new light to some of the characters and/or the backstory that was cut from the novels due to length or relevance to Harry’s story. We are thinking of Dean Thomas or McGonagall. Lupin? Oh, yeah, count us in for that. Umbridge… hard pass.


6. A Whole New Time Period, New Characters, New Everything

We are all here because we fell in love with the story of a boy wizard. That is an indisputable fact. But maybe, perhaps, it is (definitely) time to move on from his story? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience the wizarding world outside of Dumbledore and Voldemort and Grindelwald? The fandom has long been begging for a Marauder series, and while that wouldn’t be my personal first choice, I understand the desire to step into a completely different era. Fantastic Beasts, unfortunately, hasn’t scratched that itch for a lot of fans, and most would say that is purely because it’s too close to Harry’s story and is retconning the world they love. 


What are your “must-haves” in order to enjoy this rumored series? Let us know in the comments!


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