A Magical Getaway Opens in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains

A spellbinding treehouse opened at the end of last year, providing a magical holiday destination for Harry Potter fans worldwide and becoming one of many Potter-themed Airbnbs across the globe.

The treehouse, called Wizards Hollow, is owned by Caroline & Mike and brings the essence of Hogwarts to a Muggle-world Airbnb. Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, the treehouse has beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. You can book a stay here starting at $300 a night, although no pets or parties are allowed. The treehouse can accommodate up to four people and comes with Netflix, YouTube TV, and many games for some family fun.

The inside of the house has many other treasures besides the entertainment options; the entire house is full of delights for every Harry Potter fan. With flags and blankets for every House littered around the treehouse, it’s easy to show some House pride. If you’re still unsure of where your loyalty lies, you can even consult the Sorting Hat during your stay! There’s also an invisibility cloak ready for some holiday pranks.



The property’s exterior is almost as magical as its interior. From the outside, it’s a fusion of Hogwarts, Hagrid’s hut, and the Lovegoods’ house, surrounded by forests and mountains. Perfectly combining the cozy home of the Weasleys with the grandeur of the Ministry of Magic, this tree house is a brilliant escape from Muggle life.


An Outside View of Wizard's Hollow in North Carolina

Credit: Wizards Hollow


The tree house is part of a series of properties owned by Caroline & Mike called Treehouses of Serenity. There are four other tree houses in the series, as well as a hobbit hole for Lord of the Rings fans to enjoy! Each of these accommodations has incredible hosts and large windows to fully capture the beauty of the mountains.

With the pandemic, the Hogwarts Express may be delayed when traveling to this idyllic getaway, but its enchanting charm will still be there when the train eventually arrives. Are you hoping to get a ticket and stay in this bewitching tree house?


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