IQA Board of Trustees Looking for New Members

The International Quidditch Association (IQA) is currently looking for new trustees. It’s an opportunity for members of the Muggle quidditch community to shape the future of the organization and the sport.

The Board of Trustees is a small group that is responsible for managing the IQA. Members are responsible for hiring or terminating IQA staff, taking on new members or terminating memberships, and setting a strategic plan. They are also responsible for setting a budget, coming up with financial strategies, and setting long-term financial plans. They are involved in every important decision about the organization.

The board was created in February 2019 and currently has nine members. One of them is Alex Benepe, who is also a cofounder of the sport, US Quidditch, and the International Quidditch Association and who recently posted a video celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Muggle quidditch. The three newest members, who joined the board a year ago, are Borja Arbosa as treasurer, David Jonsson, and Kym Couch. The other members are Alberto Coronado, Betsy Lewin-Leigh and Pauline Raes as secretaries, Rahel Liviero as chair, and Austin Wallace as vice-chair. (Kym Couch and Rahel Liviero are also cochairs of the IQA Nominations Committee.)


There is a man in white shirt with brown hair and a beard at the left of the image. At the right is a woman in a blue jersey, smaller than the man and holding a megaphone.

Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography


Everyone who wants to try for the open position of trustee has to submit an application with their name, email address, occupation, and country of residence, as well as a résumé and cover letter. In the letter, the applicant should answer questions about their motivation, the future of the IQA and Muggle quidditch, their goals, and their skills. There is even an option to add a letter of nomination from a national governing body (NGB).

The deadline for applications is January 31. The following week, there will be private interviews with candidates. On February 8, the committee will share profiles of the candidates with representatives of the NGBs. On February 20, the committee will share its final recommendations in the IQA Assembly Meeting (AGM). The recommendations involve notes about the qualifications that the committee believes the candidate has for a trustee position.

At the meeting, NGB representatives will vote on the candidates. Candidates who receive the majority of votes present at the AGM will be elected. Only NGBs who are full members of the IQA can vote, however, and only candidates who are nominated by an NGB can be voted upon. The nomination is not required during the application period, when a candidate can apply directly without an NGB nomination. A candidate without a nomination then has to be nominated no later than during the AGM itself.

Complete information about the application process is available from the IQA.


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