Potterhead Running Club Announces First Event of the Year: No Post on Runday 5K

Potterhead Running Club has announced its first virtual running event of 2021, the No Post on Runday 5K, which is inspired by Uncle Vernon’s famous last words in the film version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

No post on Sundays. Ha! No blasted letters today! No, sir! Not one single bloody letter! Not one!

The club has over 70,000 members, who have collectively run over 14,300,000 miles so far. It promotes positive health by encouraging the Harry Potter fandom to become more physically active while raising money for charity. Its last event, Time Turner 2020, took place in November, allowing participants to participate in any of the virtual events that had been held throughout 2020.




Each race supports a range of causes, including ones that aid veterans, youth, literacy, animals, the homeless, the environment, and disease prevention.

Anyone anywhere can join in the No Post on Runday 5K, and you don’t have to be a member of a quidditch team or a hardcore marathon runner to take part. You can run, sprint, jog, stroll, walk, cycle, swim, or do any other form of physical activity because as long as you complete the distance, that makes you a winner (please note: Apparating five kilometers down the road doesn’t count).

Registration for the event costs $27, and it closes at midnight on February 7. With this comes your 3″ medal, which features the stream of magical letters that flood the Dursleys’ front room, a custom sublimated ribbon, and a personalized digital bib.

You can also support the charity by purchasing the No Post on Runday 5K T-shirt, which is available in different sizes and styles.


Potterhead Running Club No Post on Runday Medal and T Shirt

Pictured is the No Post on Runday 5K medal you receive for registering for the event and the T-shirt you can buy to support the Adult Literacy League. (Credit: Potterhead Running Club)


All the money raised by the No Post on Runday 5K will go toward the Adult Literacy League, which performs its own magic by supporting adults who want to advance their education, enabling them to improve their reading, writing, and literacy skills through classes and one-on-one tutoring. All funds raised will help the charity buy more textbooks, workbooks, and other important student materials that will enable these newly literate members of society to widen their opportunities and facilitate the success of their futures.

You can complete your 5K whenever you want, in one sitting or breaking it up into several runs. The optional “run day” for the event will take place on Lily Potter’s birthday, January 30, where you can run knowing that thousands of other Potterheads around the world are running (virtually) alongside you.

Will you be signing up for the No Post on Runday 5K?


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