Review: “Harry Potter” Enamel Pins from FiGPiN®

Get ready to transform your favorite bag or garment into something magical. FiGPiN® offers a wide range of collectible enamel pins from various fandoms, including this adorable Hedwig. FiGPiN® recently released a new line of Harry Potter pins. Our Content Development Manager, Abbie Hendry, had the opportunity to review the new FiGPiN® Harry Potter Wave Package featuring Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. Check out what she thinks of these unique fashion accessories.


FiGPiN Harry Potter Wave Package

FiGPiN® Harry Potter Wave Package in packaging

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The first thing I noticed about these pins is that they have a bit of weight to them. They are not too heavy or flimsy; the weight feels just right. Each pin is packaged in a durable, clear case with a built-in stand. The case includes a clear display cover and a black FiGPiN® action post. You can securely fasten the expertly crafted enamel pin to the action post with or without the clear lid to proudly display the pin whenever it isn’t in use.


FiGPiN Harry Hermione Ron out of clear case

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley out of the clear case


What sets FiGPiN® enamel pins apart from other wearable pins is the unique patented rubber backing. I like how each pin has three metal prongs in the back, which help stabilize the pin whenever it is fastened to something. I am impressed by how well the rubber backing stays in place. The prongs and rubber back securely attach the pin to the action post or clothing, so I don’t need to worry about any of these nifty pins coming loose and getting lost.


FiGPiN patented rubber backing

FiGPiN® patented rubber backing


FiGPiN® "Harry Potter" enamel pins clipped onto a hat

FiGPiN® “Harry Potter” enamel pins clipped onto a hat


Each character comes in a clear case with a figure stand. Inside each case is a character card that shows the character’s name and picture along with the FiGPiN® model number. Each pin is approximately 3 inches tall and about 1.5 inches wide. All three characters are wearing their Gryffindor robes and Hogwarts uniforms. Each character displays Gryffindor’s bravery and determination while standing firm with their wands ready.

The Harry Potter pin features Harry in a dueling stance while holding a wand in his right hand. The lightning bolt scar is visible on Harry’s forehead.


FiGPiN® Harry Potter (#534)

FiGPiN® Harry Potter (#534)


Hermione Granger’s pin features Hermione wearing a fierce facial expression and holding her wand in her right hand, which is turned toward her left side.


FiGPiN® Hermione Granger (#535)

FiGPiN® Hermione Granger (#535)


The enamel pin of Ron Weasley features Ron with his iconic red hair and untucked shirt, holding his wand upright in his right hand.


FiGPiN® Ron Weasley (#536)

FiGPiN® Ron Weasley (#536)


These lovely pins can be attached to robes, hats, shirts, bags, and more. I’ve decided to display the magical trio on my laptop bag for now. However, I will definitely attach these to my Hogwarts robes the next time I visit Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. These Harry Potter pins would complete any witch’s or wizard’s magical ensemble.


FiGPiN® Harry Potter Wave Package clipped onto bag

FiGPiN® Harry Potter Wave Package clipped onto bag


The FiGPiN® Harry Potter Wave Package was provided by FiGPiN®. All opinions belong to the reviewer.


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