The Wand Chooses the Wizard: Connecticut’s Real-Life Ollivanders

Harry’s trip to Ollivanders in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was the start of his magical journey, and now Potter fans can experience the same magic in this Connecticut store. Although Wizarding World theme parks have been selling common and rare wands since opening, this experience from a small business is sure to delight.


OrchardWorks' display of wands.

Credit: Ed Bareiss


OrchardWorks began when husband and wife team Ed and Janet Bareiss created a magic wand craft project for Ed’s daughter’s ninth birthday party. According to Janet, parents were “so excited” to see the wands and “encouraged [Ed] to sell them.” At first, they set up an online Etsy store, but soon this business started “taking over” Ed and Janet’s house, so they began looking for a physical store. They finally found a property last August, and after setting up the storefront, they opened in October.

The store offers over 140 types of wood for your custom wand and allows you to personalize with any design ideas you have. You can do this via an in-store appointment, over email, or by submitting to the inquiry box on the website. These personalized wands start at $35 and will be delivered six to eight weeks after ordering. In addition to custom wands, OrchardWorks offers a variety of basic styles. Some of these are inspired by characters, others are unfinished so you can customize them yourself, and some are original OrchardWorks designs. They also sell accessories for their wands. From boxes to display stands, these accessories are guaranteed to showcase the magical design of your wand.

The store itself is full of other small details for all Potter fans to enjoy. These include a mini Hedwig and many quotes from the books. You may also find a small, fantastic beast wandering around the store. Ed and Janet’s dog may be found sitting among the store’s owls and books!


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This store offers a magical experience just like Harry’s. Are you hoping to get your wand from this real-life Ollivanders?


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