Hogwarts House Edition Box Set Available for Preorder

Since the first Hogwarts House edition book was released in 2017, Harry Potter fans have been looking forward to getting the complete series in their House’s colors. If this is you, Bloomsbury has made it a lot easier by creating House edition box sets to help you show your House pride.

The box sets are unique to each House, featuring different cover designs and color schemes in coordination with the House’s symbols and colors. Magical artist Levi Pinfold has created more beautiful illustrations for the books, as well as a spellbinding box for hardback sets. The sets have an alternating color scheme between your House’s two colors and feature enchanting details that are individual to each book.



Each House box set also includes relevant, exclusive items. Both paperback and hardback box sets will come with 20 illustrations of beloved characters relevant to the House. Gryffindors will receive portraits of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and many others, while Hufflepuffs will find Cedric Diggory, Tonks, and Professor Sprout in their box sets. Slytherins will see Draco and Bellatrix Lestrange featured in their illustrations, and Ravenclaws will be able to spot Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang among the portraits in their box sets. The books also include feature articles, quizzes, and fact files.


"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" House Editions

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” House editions


The box sets also include specific items depending on whether you buy the paperback or hardback versions. Each paperback box set comes with a bookmark featuring the relevant House ghost, and the hardback box set will come with an artwork print of the relevant House founder. A paperback box set can be preordered for £72 from Bloomsbury’s UK website, while a hardback set will cost you £112. Are you ready to show your House pride and preorder your set?


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