Expecto Patronum: What Your Corporeal Patronus Says About Your Personality

Unlike your Hogwarts House, your Patronus will not come with a blueprint of traits and characteristics you embody. Many witches and wizards are left to guess why their Patronus takes the form it does. If you fall under this category, wonder no longer. Here is what your Patronus might say about you.







The sweet and gentle animal known as the doe is hard to beat. These quiet and intelligent animals symbolize patience and observation. Those lucky few with this Patronus are certain to be the same. Those with a doe Patronus are kind and nurturing. They care about those around them and are known for sacrificing for the ones they love.





A dolphin is nothing if not playful, friendly, and extremely intelligent. If you have this Patronus, you have all of these attributes. It is also very likely you have a strong sense of community. You can find people with the dolphin Patronus in all four Hogwarts Houses simply because of the large range of emotions and characteristics associated with these wonderful creatures.





Dragonflies symbolize wisdom, light, transformation, and adaptability. They represent the full range of emotions. This includes happiness, sadness, anger, joy, terror, and everything in between. Those with this Patronus are inclined to explore their emotions and are not afraid to show their true colors. If this is your Patronus, you tend to have a positive outlook on life even when things seem dark.


Jack Russell Terrier



This particular breed of dog is known for its dedication, energy, and stubbornness. If you have this Patronus, it is very likely you are fiercely and unwaveringly loyal to those you care for. From this loyalty will also spring a great sense of fearlessness. All these traits make for one effective protection against Dementors.





Hedgehogs are associated with nature, growth, and protection. They usually belong to magic users who are energetic and unique. Some also associate hedgehogs with intuition and psychic ability, saying they possess the second sight. They are also said to be connected to the sun and the light that comes with it.





Those with passion and a yearning for independence are likely to have a Patronus that takes the form of some sort of horse. Horses are linked to nobility, confidence, and heroism. Witches and wizards from famous Quidditch players to battle heroes possess this Patronus, and it is easy to see why. If you have this Patronus, you love the adventures present in the world, and interesting things are sure to meet you in your future.





Otters are said to symbolize friendship, cleverness, kindness, and family. They are known for their endless curiosity, no matter their age or location. If you have this Patronus, it is fair to guess you embody all these traits and more. You may also have a streak of mischief. You embrace new things and are open-minded. You are always up for an adventure.





If you are free-spirited, fierce, and/or goofy, it is very likely you possess a rabbit Patronus. To have a rabbit Patronus is to be loved. The rabbit is not only blessed with important traits, but they also symbolize good luck and quirkiness. Anyone with a friend or family member with a rabbit Patronus should keep them close.





Seals are one of my personal favorite Patronuses. They are carefree animals that represent playfulness, creativity, imagination, curiosity, and success. If you have this Patronus, you enjoy life. You see excitement and adventure in just about everything. The world is your playground. People with the seal Patronus are very fun to have in your corner.





The stag is seen as the king of the forest. They are associated with great leadership and strength. Even though these are powerful animals, they also represent gentleness and sensitivity. Those with a stag Patronus, just like the animal itself, will have a range of assets and character traits. They will do anything for the ones they love and have the potential to make great change on the earth.





If power took the form of an animal, it would be a tiger. Tigers have always been a symbol of courage and strength, and those who wield this Patronus will have these traits in spades. You will most likely also have willpower of pure steel. Tigers have been seen as a symbol against corruption. If you have a tiger Patronus, you stand up for what is right, and you are a force to be reckoned with.


Do you agree with this list? Which Patronus forms should we add next? We hope this article has helped with your wizarding education. We wish you top marks on your Defense Against the Dark Arts exam and hope you make many memories happy enough to banish thousands of Dementors.


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