Italian Restaurant in Connecticut Creates Dining Room Inspired by “Harry Potter”

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re dining in the wizarding world? One Italian restaurant in Connecticut has made that possible for its patrons. The Record-Journal reports that Cava, located in Southington, has repurposed a temporary building to give it a magical new theme inspired by our favorite series: Harry Potter.

The restaurant’s manager, Tony Papahristou, explained that re-creating the feeling of being in the wizarding world was important to delivering the “full experience.”

I wanted to make sure we could deliver that full experience, because I know how much everyone is into Harry Potter.

Papahristou added that the restaurant has incorporated plenty of details.

I just wanted to re[-]create the scene like when he’s going to Hogwarts, with the vintage luggage, bird cages and the lanterns.

This isn’t the first time that Cava has used themed dining experiences. For the restaurant, it’s a seasonal affair. During the holidays, Cava reportedly came up with a theme inspired by The Polar Express, and the upcoming theming of the main restaurant’s rooftop around Peter Pan had to be put on hold because of how popular the Harry Potter dining room has been.

The dining room even includes a 40-foot Hogwarts Express, the same train that was previously used as Cava’s Polar Express. (The train is large enough that there is seating inside of it!)

A TikTok from the Record-Journal shows just how immersive the dining room is.


@recordjournalHere’s a sneak peek into Cava’s #harrypotter themed dining room in #southingtonct #fyp #ctrestaurants What’s your favorite #harrypotter movie?♬ Harry Potter – The Intermezzo Orchestra


Cava is located at 1615 West Street in Southington, Connecticut.

Have you been to Cava? Would you want to immerse yourself in the wizarding world for a meal? Tell us in the comments below!


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