Professor Snape vs. COVID-19

Harry Potter fans on Twitter recently noticed that one of the Hogwarts professors has gained a Muggle job, joining the host of Potter characters TikTok has found living in the real world. That’s right, Professor Snape has switched from potions to vaccines, fronting the investigation into mixing different jabs.



Professor Matthew Snape is a pediatrician and vaccine expert at Oxford University, working with the Oxford Vaccine Group to investigate the possibility of switching vaccines between the first and second doses. It’s an investigation that could mean putting the pandemic behind us for good, but the most exciting thing is, obviously, the fact that we have found a real-life Professor Snape!

The people of Twitter saw this and couldn’t resist the opportunity to refer to the books and share jokes. One user mentioned Snape’s determination to teach another subject, tweeting that “Snape still couldn’t be a [D]efense [A]gainst [the D]ark [A]rts teacher so decided to use his potion [sic] skills to create a vaccine,” while another tweeted that it is “no wonder the vaccine rollout is going so well” with Snape lending a helping hand. Others used photos to back up their points, including this one!



Even Oxford University itself got involved in the fun, assuring fans that its Professor Snape is “a lot friendlier” than Hogwarts’s and letting us know that his specialties lie in “paediatrics and vaccinology” rather than dramatic capes and bad moods. The university also confirmed that he was “NOT a ‘Dark Arts’ professor,” although it never said anything about Potions…



Professor Snape seems to have found a new career during the pandemic, using his potions skills to create a vaccine and help us all return to normality. Do you know of any Potter characters taking on the Muggle world?


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Neave Williamson

I've been a proud Slytherin for as long as I can remember, and love taking inspiration from the Wizarding World for short films.