Seven Heartwarming Moments in the “Harry Potter” Series

I recently examined the most heartbreaking moments in the series. However, although there are lots of sad moments, there are also plenty of uplifting scenes too. Here are my top seven heartwarming moments from the films.


Harry’s Photo Album



For Harry, who never knew his family, this gift gave him a glimpse into their lives and the happy family he once had. Hagrid and Harry’s interaction paired with the emotional music results in a satisfyingly uplifting ending.


Harry, Hermione, and Ron’s Reunion



The end of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film is so carefree. After all the Basilisk attacks and everything Harry and Ron went through to rescue Ginny, this sweet scene was well needed and deserved. The happiness and joy at having Hermione and the other Petrified people back created a happy atmosphere, a stark contrast to the somber tone set by the rest of the film. The end of this film always makes me feel lighter and happier.


Dobby’s Freedom



We only saw a glimpse of the abuse Dobby faced at the hands of the Malfoys, but that was enough to make us sympathize with him and hate the Malfoys even more. Dobby’s freedom was well-earned and clearly long overdue. The joy on Dobby’s face when he realizes that he no longer has to serve the Malfoys is wonderful to see.


Sirius’s Invitation



After spending all of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban believing the worst of Sirius, the climactic reveal that he was actually innocent led to an emotional moment between godfather and godson. Sirius is so self-deprecating and shy when inviting Harry to live with him that it’s sweet to see, and it’s even better to see his reaction to Harry’s enthusiastic response. After everything these two went through, this brief moment of happiness they shared was all fuzzy and warm. When rewatching this movie, it’s particularly hard knowing that this moment is so brief and that Sirius would never truly know the happiness that he rightly deserved.


Neville’s Success



Neville had a rough first year filled with a few unfortunate mishaps and harsh bullying. It was even worse for Neville when Hermione hexed him when the trio went to go and get the Sorcerer’s Stone. After all of that, it was wonderful to see him have his triumphant moment in front of the entire school.


Fawkes’s Rescue



The moments preceding Fawkes’s entrance were tense. The phoenix arrived when everything looked bleak for Harry, and he was needed for Harry’s defeat over Tom. This scene is made even better with the echoing of Dumbledore’s words about loyalty from when they were in Hagrid’s hut. Fawkes’s actions really proved Harry’s worth.


The Trio’s Happy Ending



After everything the trio went through, this happy ending with their loved ones was all they deserved and more. Even though not all of the characters survived, overall, this was a fitting conclusion to this epic series.


Which do you think of my list? Are there other moments you would include? Let us know in the comments!


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