Vera Bradley Releases New Herbology-Inspired Botanical Collection

It was just last summer when Vera Bradley released Hogwarts House-themed merchandise, including backpacks, handbags, and more. The art was original and creative and helped fans gear up for the new school season last fall.

Well, now there is more reason to rejoice – Vera Bradley has done it again with a new Harry Potter + Vera Bradley botanical pattern product release.


Vera Bradley releases new Botanical "Harry Potter" merchandise.

Newly released Vera Bradley botanical merchandise is inspired by Herbology.


The magic is in the details, and Vera Bradley is nothing short of magical. The new pattern was inspired by Neville Longbottom’s favorite class, Herbology. Included in the design are earmuffs, mandrakes, Mimbulus mimbletonia, and Devil’s Snare. These magical items are all intertwined in a floral pattern with blasts of color. The subtle floral design can seem naked to the Muggle eye yet make wizards do a double take.


New "Harry Potter"+ Vera Bradley collection brings subtle magical details.

The new “Harry Potter” + Vera Bradley collection brings subtle magical details with mandrakes, earmuffs, and more.


Full of puns on the website such as “magic grows here” and “see what sprouts in our new collection,” Vera Bradley leaves no details out, delivering even wordplay to Harry Potter fans. The eye-catching merchandise includes bags of all kinds, such as backpacks, lunch bags, totes, and travel bags, and includes pockets for every imaginable need. Other items include pajamas, fleece robes, throw blankets, travel mugs, pencil pouches, lanyards, wallets, and cell phone PopSocket PopGrips.

Will you be purchasing any of the new Vera Bradley botanical pattern merchandise? Comment below.


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