First Look at LEGO’s Hogsmeade Village Visit Set

The wait will soon be over. LEGO’s brand-new set called LEGO Harry Potter 76388 Hogsmeade Village Visit is going to be available for collectors and fans in full on June 1. Ahead of the release date, we can get a sneak peek at the box and its contents.

The contents of the set are two Harry Potter locations and a selection of character figurines. The featured buildings from the wizarding village are the Honeydukes sweet shop crammed with delicious candy jars and the Three Broomsticks tavern, which is everyone’s favorite place to get a pint of butterbeer.


Against a white backgrop, there are two fabulous LEGO buildings fromt he shopfront side. On the left is Honeydukes Sweetshop and on the right is the Three Broomsticks inn. There are some characters from Harry Potter millin around, a streetlamp, a bench, and a wanted poster of Sirius Black.

The set contains two Hogsmeade locations, seven characters, a streetlamp, a bench, and a poster of Sirius Black.


Seven minifigures complete the two Hogsmeade buildings, including the bartender Madam Rosmerta, Professor Minerva McGonagall, Dean Thomas, and more. Check out the detailed review and first look below, in which we also find out that the figurines’ heads can be replaced by an Acid Pops candy jar. Is this a new jinx? Well, it is now!




The build is part of a range of LEGO Harry Potter sets coming out this summer. You can head on over to the official website and shop for more pictures and to place an order for this adorable addition to the Harry Potter line of LEGO toys.


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