“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” Springing into Summer with Updates and Landmarks

At the beginning of this month, the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game had been downloaded over 82 million times. Well, it’s crazy what a few weeks can do because the game has now reached the 100 million download mark! This historic mark is accompanied by special events, pet looks, and new chapters.



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May brings new updates to Hogwarts Mystery, and we’re curious as to what ending Year 7 will bring for our characters. We’ve done detective work and broken the curse to help the Ministry of Magic, but what assignment will Mad-Eye Moody give us next? Will we find out what “R” wants to do with the magical item that was stolen? We still have so many questions.

For those of you who completed the April Magical Milestones: Hearts Aflutter, are you already competing for the May fit? This new style, called Blossom and Bloom, will have your character sporting a fresh hair look and rapidly blooming flowers on the top. You still have several days to work on getting this custom look.


Blossom and Bloom look

May Magical Milestones: Blossom and Bloom outfit


Ever since the Club feature launched in-game, we’ve all been interested to know what we can do within the clubs to gain skills, XP, or anything to give us a boost. Right now for the Hippogriff Club, there’s a new event called Club Constellation. This is an event where you’re completing tasks to collect Club XP to earn Star Fragments that you can spend on Star Nodes to unlock rewards. These rewards range from notebooks to coins to more Club XP. There are a lot of constellations to unlock for a grand prize, so we better get to work on this now.


Club Constellation

Club Constellation how-to information for the event


Club constellation

Hippogriff Club Constellation with Star Nodes and the grand prize


We now have a new chapter to complete for Quidditch as well. It’s up to you to motivate your team and get them to cooperate after the conflict of the previous chapter. Cooperation doesn’t seem to be something easily available to both teams, and finding common ground can be a sticky situation. And by this, we mean a cleaning competition gets these teams to not try to attack each other in the Great Hall. This peace is short-lived, and arguing continues. Will these teams be able to put their differences aside and agree to the terms they set by the end of the chapter?

We can’t complete this update without the new pet look that has us wishing Kneazle kittens were real. Not only do they look extremely adorable and cuddly, but there is now also a Siamese Kneazle kitten look you can purchase. The blingy collar encrusted with jewels matches those bright-blue eyes perfectly.


Siamese kitten Kneazle

Siamese Kneazle kitten pet look


Hogwarts Mystery continues to churn out new content for fans and give us new events to work towards. Here’s to hoping we can complete the Club Constellation event within the allotted time and get the reward.


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