“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” – Milestones, Quizzes, and Creature Encounters

Ever since the February update from Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, we admit we’re a little embarrassed by how many dates we’ve been on in-game. It’s a great way to deal with not going on actual dates during the pandemic – our Hogwarts Mystery characters might as well be happy and do what we can’t. There are new Magical Milestones to complete, Quidditch has updates, and as we explore Year 7, things are getting mysterious at the Ministry of Magic.

During March, the Daily Planner Stamp Card came into play. Every day that you log in to the game and complete one assignment, you earn bonus rewards! There are 12 days on the Stamp Card, and the final prize for completion is multiple gold notebooks – and we know how valuable those are.


Daily Planner

Daily Planner Stamp Card in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


The March Magical Milestones was titled Rayonnant Rose. The hypnotic pattern on this outfit was stunning, and the hairstyle that accompanied it was perfection. If you missed out on the chance to get your Rayonnant Rose style, we can stay hopeful the game will run something similar within the coming months. April’s Magical Milestones is Hearts Aflutter. The animated butterfly top with a simple black skirt or pants (depending on your character) with boots makes it the perfect spring look. This milestone will be active until the end of this month.


April Msgical Milestones

Style look for April Magical Milestones: Hearts Aflutter


How about those new club encounters? With the introduction of clubs a few months ago, we questioned what we really do besides getting some coins or a few energies. Hogwarts Mystery has now launched quizzes for each club. You can enter the club of your choice, scroll over to find the clubhouse, invite a friend, and build up your friendships while earning XP for the club. Not bad for an easy encounter to gain additional rewards.


Quiz Encounter Hogwarts Mystery

New quiz encounter for all magical clubs


There is also a new side quest available that you can complete at any time. For this new one, Hagrid needs some help with a Quintaped. He only wants to leave this creature in the care of someone he trusts, so if you answer his safety questions correctly and adopt this creature, you’ll learn the backstory of the misunderstood Quintapeds. It’s your task to care for this furry but dangerous creature while Hagrid does what he does best: advocate for magical creatures at the Ministry.


Quintaped creature

Adopt a Quintaped and gain friendship XP with Hagrid.


Sometimes magical creatures aren’t everyone’s thing, so how about helping Xenophilius Lovegood and The Quibbler? During March, participants had the chance to fight for the magazine’s front page and win a prize. What a journey to get there too. The four-part quest was filled with drama, pranks, and testing friendships. Did you complete the quest and keep your friend’s secret?

For all the Quidditch aficionados, Season 3 for Keeper launched. Continue the trials and tribulations to secure your spot on your House’s team and be the reason a song is written about you.

Hogwarts Mystery was packed full of updates and add-ons the last month. Which update are you having the most fun with? For all the Year 7 players, time is drawing close for us to choose our Wizarding World careers – are you ready?


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