Wizovision 2021: UK’s “What Makes You Magical”

Marijke van der Meer reporting from Rotterdam where I had the opportunity to speak with the Wizovision act representing the United Kingdom, the disarmingly charming boy band B-W!tchers. These suave, spunky chaps bring infectious beats and smooth dance moves in their song “What Makes You Magical.” B-W!tchers come from a variety of magical backgrounds and wanted to celebrate that with their number. Muggle-born member Julian Jenkins said:

People expect us to just make catchy, flirty tunes, smile and wink – which we do – but there’s more to us and our music than that. We’ve got a message. Growing up knowing that you don’t fit in but being unable to pinpoint why can be rough. Your classmates can tell that something’s off about you, but it’s not as simple as your looks or interests or habits or personality. It’s just weird things that happen around you. I used to imagine that I had superpowers or was an alien. Getting my Hogwarts letter was a dream come true for so many reasons and came with a flood of emotions. In addition to the mingled disbelief and excitement, there was also a huge sense of relief in finding out that I wasn’t abnormal.

Of course, transitioning to the wizarding world from a Muggle upbringing comes with its own difficulties, but my bandmates were my best friends at school. They never made fun of me for not knowing things about magical society or having different experiences. This song is dedicated to all the Muggle-borns out there who are struggling. Just you wait – things might be tough now, but you can’t imagine how your life is going to change.

The group also credits their Muggle-born and half-blood members with introducing them to the Muggle music they have found so influential in developing their own style. “We’re limiting ourselves if we only look to wizarding musicians for inspiration,” said B-W!tchers member Winston Warbeck. “By exploring music from the Muggle world, we’re broadening our creative horizons.”

The group is even considering releasing an album for Muggles, though they recognize the challenge of doing so without violating the International Statute of Secrecy. “We feel like we have something to offer audiences beyond the magical community – we’d just have to be careful with our lyrics,” said Gareth Goldstein, who is half-blood. “But there are lots of Muggle songs that mention magic, and people just think it’s a metaphor, so we could probably make it work, and they’d be none the wiser.”

Just as we were wrapping up, Gilderoy Lockhart managed to barge in yet again. “Hello, lads! I hear you went to Hogwarts! So did I, so I’m told,” he exclaimed. “I believe I was in the bird House. I even taught there apparently! Can you imagine? Me, a professor? I suppose I do have a great deal of wisdom to impart to the next generation. Perhaps I could help you boys with your music career. Everyone’s been talking about how handsome you are, and I know what a burden it can be to be remarkably good-looking. You all have very nice smiles, but your costumes could use a bit more flair, I think.” Security removed Lockhart before he could offer further fashion advice. He was overheard offering autographs to B-W!tchers fans waiting outside the stage door.

There you have it – our final finalists. Tomorrow, they’ll all perform live in the Grand Final, but only one country will be crowned this year’s Wizovision winners.


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Laurie Beckoff

My Harry Potter journey began in 2000 when I was six and continued through a bachelor's thesis and master's dissertation on medievalism in the series. I'm a Gryffindor from New York City with a passion for theatre, fantasy, Arthurian legend, and science fiction.