“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” New Magical Creatures and Adventures

June is the month that keeps on giving when it comes to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. From the crazy Hogwarts Mystery Cookoff that ended a few days ago to the adventures letting us live out our Magizoologist fantasies, a lot has happened in the game since our last update.

The winners were announced for the Hogwarts Mystery Cookoff. Congratulations to the lucky winners, and we hope you spend your in-game goodies wisely. There are so many adventures you could complete with that 1,000 energy.



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Speaking of adventures, did you see the adorable Mooncalf now up for adoption in the Dusklands? Excuse us while we scream about the cuteness. Not only can you adopt this sweet little creature, but there’s a new adventure we can help out with. Hagrid rescued a Mooncalf from a Muggle’s farm, and he could use our help to get the calf acclimated with the Hogwarts herd.


Mooncalf quest

Mooncalf special adventure in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


The Dusklands is something Hogwarts Mystery has been slowly leading up to this month without us realizing it. With the June Magical Milestones outfit highlighting this new creature’s land, we’re really curious about what other creatures we might see there. There’s plenty of space for multiple creatures – share your best guesses on what you think might be next.

The list of creatures throughout the wizarding world is massive, so it might be hard to pinpoint a few we hope to see there. However, we have the perfect solution to help you brush up on your creature knowledge. The Unofficial Harry Potter Bestiary: MuggleNet’s Complete Guide to the Fantastic Creatures of the Wizarding World dropped yesterday! This amazing guide complete with over 200 magical creatures will have you filling spaces in the Dusklands with your dream magical creatures in no time. You can order your copy today.

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Once you’ve named your Mooncalf and ordered the Bestiary for a bit of light reading, your Hogwarts Mystery character will want to catch up on the latest Quidditch chapter. After the drama that has been the last few chapters, will our team finally get reinstated to play again? It’s up to you to call the right shots to get the team cooperating and keep the secret Quidditch match under wraps. Here’s to hoping we don’t get caught.

Did you purchase the tie-dye Streeler look? If you haven’t yet, it’s still available, so check it out and some of the other updates from the beginning of the month. Another cool look for our pets has been revealed. You can now purchase the tropical rainbow look for your Moke.


Moke look

Tropical rainbow Moke look in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


All these bright pet looks are giving us strong summer vibes. Which part of this update has been your favorite? We might be partial to the Bestiary guide that just dropped.


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