MuggleNet Dad Gets a Surprise Loot Crate for Father’s Day

How nerdy is your dad? Pretty nerdy, right? Don’t blame him – it’s in their nature. But we here at MuggleNet found one parental figure in particular who got a very special Father’s Day surprise.

MuggleNet looked to our staff’s own fathers to see who was nerdy enough for such a surprise. After proving he reigned king of MuggleNet’s fandom-loving fathers, Brian Wixom, from Phoenix, Arizona, won a Loot Crate box with exclusive Harry Potter and Marvel merchandise. He sealed the deal with a submitted photo of him officiating a wedding in a Gryffindor robe.

Loot Crate is known for curating special merchandise for devoted fans with a touch of mystery and surprise. Mr. Wixom provided an unboxing video just for MuggleNet to show off everything Loot Crate had to offer.


The Marvel products focused on Spider-Man and various Into the Spider-Verse characters. The baseball hat features Miles Morales as Spider-Man in the same styling as seen in Into the Spider-Verse. Another character, Ghost-Spider, from the same film, is the focus of the enamel lapel pin, and she’s showing off her best superhero pose. If Mr. Wixom is feeling in the mood to wear even more fandom-centered attire, the included Marvel T-shirt is the best way to go. Some stickers also came with the box. Finally, the Spider-Man character standee figurine is the crowning glory of the Marvel merch.

We probably enjoyed the Harry Potter products a little bit more, but we’re only slightly biased. Much of the merch revolved around the theme of Dumbledore’s Army. Another baseball hat features the quote, “You have friends here,” across the front. There are more interactive elements from this part of the Loot Crate including a 1,000-piece abstract puzzle and a table-top bean bag toss. The four palm-sized bean bags are decorated with the animals and colors of all four Hogwarts Houses. It should make for an exciting game if different House members decide to throw down some beans and try for the title of Ultimate Table-Top Bean Bag Champion. A small notebook and Hog’s Head enamel lapel pin were also included. Finally, a Dumbledore’s Army-themed T-shirt has the quote, “We are only as strong as we are united,” on the front. Mrs. Andie Wixom, who filmed the unboxing video, so aptly comments, “If that is not timely, I don’t know what is,” as the T-shirt is revealed.

When asked what his favorite products from the boxes were, Mr. Wixom said, “This merch is so cool! The T-shirts fit perfectly and display my love for the finer things in life!”

MuggleNet would like to extend a special thank you to Mr. Wixom for providing an unboxing video for review, as well as wish a Happy Father’s Day.

A Marvel crate and a Wizarding World crate were provided by Loot Crate. All opinions belong to the reviewer.


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