“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” Summer Updates Bring Great Rewards

June is officially here. Summer is rolling in, and so are the magical rewards in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Anyone who has been playing the game over the last few weeks has raked in some major rewards – how about that 600 free energy some players were given in-game? There have been a few updates and upgrades since our last update, so let’s dive in.

The June Magical Milestones event is bringing some flair. The Dusklands Duster outfit is up for grabs until the end of this month, and it features bling and swirling dusk-like details.


June Magical Milestones

June Magical Milestones: Dusklands Duster outfit


During the Q&A with the dev team in April, there were a few hints about the upcoming Pages features to the game, and it’s active now. We’ve all been through the struggle of not having enough time or energy to complete a special adventure quest. The new Pages Exchange feature is here to help you complete special adventures that you might have missed. You can gather Pages and create notebooks that will lead to special replays.



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It’s also time to collect Club XP for Star Fragments for some amazing rewards. A new Hippogriff Club Constellation event is ready for play. The color scheme of the dormitory set you can earn from playing would match the Dusklands Duster outfit perfectly. We admit some of us might be working too hard to earn this set. The design is too pretty to pass up.


Hogwarts Mystery rewards

Hippogriff Club Constellation event dormitory rewards


Once you’ve collected your dormitory set, Hagrid has another adventure if you’re up for it. We can join him to find the mysterious and shy Augurey. We can’t help but wonder if this Augurey we’re befriending is the one that will end up in Newt Scamander’s mysterious case.


Augurey Quest HM

“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” Augurey side quest with Hagrid


If Augureys aren’t your thing, there’s a new pet look to check out. You can now purchase a magical rainbow tie-dye look for your Streeler – here just in time for Pride month.


Streeler Look

Tie-dye Streeler pet look


June is shaping out to be full of surprises, rewards, and second chances to complete some special adventures in Hogwarts Mystery. Which of these new features are you most excited about?


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