“Harry Potter” Weddings Are Currently the Top Trending on Pinterest

Do you know anyone who had a Harry Potter-themed wedding? A new study has shown that Harry Potter is the biggest wedding theme for boards on Pinterest! 

The study from money.co.uk compares the number of Pinterest boards created for over 250 wedding themes, including art deco, fairy tale, and beach. At the top of the list is a Harry Potter theme, with 1,016 boards created, a vintage theme comes in second, and the third place is an earthy theme. Also making the top 20 is a garden party theme, a Disney theme, and a 1920s theme. Botanical weddings just scrape onto the list, taking the 20th spot.



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The Harry Potter theme can cover all aspects of a wedding, with boards including ideas for location-based table names, inspiration for wedding cakes, and romantic quotes set for the occasion. From loud after-parties in the Gryffindor camp to cleverly created decorations made by Ravenclaws, we’re sure any Harry Potter-themed wedding is sure to be incredible. You can check out some ideas below!


@confidentlycarolPart 2! Harry Potter Center pieces! Almost finished with the design! ##katespadenyhappydance ##InTheHeightsChallenge ##harrypotter ##pottertok ##fyp♬ Harry Potter Fashion – фу эдиты :/



Press Release

Harry Potter Weddings Are [t]he Biggest Trend [o]n Pinterest Right Now

A new report released by [m]oney.co.uk has revealed the most commonly saved wedding trends on Pinterest, with Harry Potter proving to be the most popular.
The study compared the number of Pinterest [b]oards that have been created for over 250 wedding themes and trends, from wedding dress styles and bridal bouquets to wedding venues and destinations. With so many weddings around the world delayed and rescheduled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, couples have been turning to Pinterest to continue shaping and planning their dream day, and even going back to square one with new ideas.
The study shows that wedding inspiration is being drawn from all aspects of our lives, including blockbuster movies, periods in time, the seasons, and beautiful décor. In top place are boards focused around ‘Harry Potter weddings’, followed by [v]intage weddings and [e]arthy and [n]atural weddings.

Wedding Trend - No. of Pinterest boards
1 Harry Potter Wedding - 1016
2 Vintage Wedding - 1009
3 Earthy Wedding - 1008
4 Natural Wedding - 1006
5 Farm Wedding - 1004
6 1920s Wedding - 1003
7 Garden Party Wedding - 1002
8 Beach Wedding - 1002
9 Fall/Autumn Wedding - 1002
10 Marquee Wedding - 1002
11 Formal Wedding - 1001
12 Art Deco Wedding - 1001
13 Garden Wedding - 1001
14 Spring Wedding - 1001
15 Great Gatsby Wedding - 1001
16 Barn Wedding - 1001
17 Celestial Wedding - 1000
18 Fairy Tale Wedding - 1000
19 Disney Wedding - 1000
20 Botanical Wedding - 1000

The most[-]popular wedding board on Pinterest are ones looking at a ‘Harry Potter wedding’. These boards include ideas for Harry Potter location[-]related table names and even Great Hall[-]inspired dining set-ups through to famous romantic quotes printed on the bottom of wedding shoes (“After all this time? Always”), [C]hocolate [F]rog wedding favors, and cakes adorned with the Deathly Hallow symbols.

The second[-]most[-]popular wedding board on Pinterest are those looking at a [v]intage wedding. Of course, ‘vintage’ can mean lots of different things to different people, but pins frequently saved on these boards show the classic Princess Austin wedding cars, wedding dresses with lots of lace and beading, flower arrangements of white, green, and peach, and traditional white icing tier wedding cakes. Couples’ love of bygone days is seen in other popular Pinterest trends, which are a little more specific with their time period, with ‘1920s wedding’ coming in 6th and ‘Great Gatsby wedding’ coming in 15th.

The next biggest wedding trends are focused around a design aesthetic, with ‘Earthy wedding’ and ‘Natural wedding’ placing third and fourth. This is a newer trend seen in recent years and involves bridesmaid dresses and decorations in shades of taupe, chestnut, topaz, burnt orange, and sand. Palettes of brown and pink are very on-trend for weddings in this theme, according to Pinterest, with cakes decorated with natural flowers and greenery, earthenware table settings, and flower arrangements of Pampas grass, dried flowers, and gypsophila.

Outdoor weddings are, unsurprisingly, dotted in the top 20 trends thanks to the restrictions on weddings over the last year, with [g]arden [p]arty wedding placing 7th, [m]arquee wedding in 10th, [g]arden wedding in 13th and [b]otanical wedding in 20th place.

For the full top 20 trends across a range of wedding elements, see the Wedding Pinterest Report here: www.money.co.uk/credit-cards/wedding-pinterest-report.

Do you have your own Harry Potter board on Pinterest, or was your wedding Harry Potter-themed? Let us know!


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