Triumphant Twos: Celebrate Two Years of “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”

On June 21, 2019, software developer Niantic introduced Harry Potter fans to the first augmented reality game set in the wizarding world. While Potter fans have always been able to roam the wizarding world from the comfort of their homes, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite provided the opportunity to explore this magical universe while physically traversing the real world.

Two years later and the Wizards Unite community continues marching forward. Niantic continues to keep witches and wizards united by consistently providing players with plenty of events. This coming Monday marks the second anniversary of the game’s launch, and the devs weren’t about to let this weekend fly by without celebrating it. Beginning tonight, June 19 at 12:01 a.m. and ending on Sunday, June 20 at 11:59 p.m. local time, players can enjoy the Wizards Unite anniversary event. Along with your usual event tasks and rewards, you can check out the rest of the event details below:

  • Guaranteed Exploration Foundable Fragments after winning a Wizarding Challenge in Forest IV and higher
  • Increased Traces of Albus Dumbledore and ALL other Emergency Foundables on the map and when using Tonic for Trace Detection
  • Free store pack with 25 Spell Energy and the ingredients to brew one Tonic for Trace Detection

It’s your chance to face some of the most difficult Foundables in the game. In addition, there will be several Albus Dumbledore Foundables to complete a task and earn yourself a Spell Book.



While that may be happening this weekend, the first half of June was also exciting.

At the tail end of May, it seems Niantic wanted to get one short event in before the anniversary month. From May 29 to May 30, in conjunction with the end-of-term exams of most public schools in the United States, the devs wanted to test players’ magical prowess with Ordinary Wizarding Level (OWL) exams. The event featured Special Assignments based on the Hogwarts subjects.

Niantic kick-started June with quite a dramatically titled Brilliant Event, the Unforgivable Truth – Part 1. Between May 31 and June 7, players looked for Brilliant Foundables from the Brilliant Hogwarts Corridor such as Brilliant Mountain Troll and Brilliant Dragon Egg. Following the events of May’s Brilliant Event, Ron’s memories were wiped. To restore them, Harry and Hermione attempt to create a surge inspired by the events of their first year chronicled in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

It seems that this summer the dastardly Unforgivable, the organization responsible for the Calamity, is kicking its plans into high gear. For the June Adversaries Event – Part 1, from June 7 to June 10, players had to face several Dark witch and wizard Adversaries.

After a quick break, last weekend, the June 2021 Community Day took place on June 12. And it was an exciting one indeed. In April this year, the Adversaries Event featured baby magical creatures. Aware of the players’ love for them, Niantic decided to turn them into Foundables. For this month’s Community Day, Niantic introduced a brand-new Care of Magical Creatures Registry page for the Baby Mooncalf, Baby Troll, Baby Cerberus, Baby Chinese Fireball, and Baby Phoenix.



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And lastly, the second Adversaries Event had witches and wizards facing off against Norbert’s kin. Between June 14 and June 17, players faced the Ancient Norwegian Ridgeback as well as the Baby Norwegian Ridgeback Foundable, which could be collected for the shiny new Registry page.

The final event for June to look forward to is called the Unforgivable Truth Brilliant Event – Part 2. This Brilliant Event is focused on the climax of Sorcerer’s Stone, so players are tasked with returning Brilliant Foundables from the Brilliant Hogwarts Trapdoor Chamber, which includes the Brilliant Sorcerer’s Stone and the Brilliant Three-Headed Dog. The event will take place starting June 21 at 11:00 a.m. PDT and ending June 28 at 11:00 a.m. PDT.

What a huge month for June. It’s only fitting for the anniversary month of Wizard Unite.

What do you suppose the Unforgivable has in store for players in July? Do you think we’ll get baby versions of other magical beasts? Let us know in the comments.


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