Dumbledore’s Objects – the Latest Enamel Pins from Harry Potter Fan Club

The Harry Potter Fan Club has revealed the latest pins for all the collectors out there, and they’re nothing short of spectacular. Dumbledore’s objects are the most recent obsession added to the Pin Seeking Collection.


Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking

The Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collection’s set of Dumbledore’s Objects enamel pins


Depicting some of the most iconic objects used by Professor Dumbledore, these five enamel pins can be yours. These pins feature the half-moon spectacles that graced Dumbledore’s crooked nose, the Elder Wand in all its glory, the Deluminator that was later gifted to Ron, the Pensieve where we learned so much about Tom Riddle, and an enchanted memory with Tom’s name on it. Here is a closer look at these pins.


1. Half-Moon Spectacles Pin


Half moon spectacles pin

Half-moon spectacles enamel pin from the Harry Potter Fan Club



2. Elder Wand Pin


Elder Wand pin

Elder Wand enamel pin from the Harry Potter Fan Club



3. Deluminator Pin


Deluminator Pin

Deluminator enamel pin from the Harry Potter Fan Club



4. Pensieve Pin


Pensieve Pin

Pensieve enamel pin from the Harry Potter Fan Club



5. Memory Vial Pin


Memory Vial

Memory Vial enamel pin from the Harry Potter Fan Club



How incredible are these? There is a limited number of 400 of these sets, which are being sold for $70 or £55. Harry Potter Fan Club Gold members get their pick of the lot beginning July 21 while general sales for everyone else will begin on July 22 at the Harry Potter Shop. If you’re looking to grab one of these sets, there’s never been a better time to be a Gold member.

While you’re at the shop, it’s a great time to catch up on some of the other pins your collection might be missing. Have you snatched up the special editions for your Hogwarts House? Or maybe you need the pin with the enchanted armor of Hogwarts with the spell heard around the world? All of these are must-haves for a lot of fans like us!


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