Fawkes in Flight: Here’s a Sneak Peak of the Latest Enamel Pin from Harry Potter Fan Club

The Harry Potter Fan Club has just announced a new product for its devoted fans. Fawkes in Flight is the latest addition to the Pin Seeking Collection.

The oversized enamel pin is a sight to behold. Fawkes, Dumbledore’s trusted and loyal pet companion, is depicted with outstretched wings and tail feathers to match, both in radiant color. Bright-red and gold feathers are all the rage with phoenixes, after all.


The latest addition to the Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking Collection is Fawkes in Flight with his wings outstretched.


The pin comes in its own red hexagonal box. Pin Seeking Collection boxes are lined with magnets so collectors can connect and display them with pride. Be sure to keep an eye out for a secret code inside the box. That, alongside the scannable Enchanted Key, can unlock even more content on the Harry Potter Fan Club website.



Gold Members of the fan club will have first dibs on Fawkes in Flight when it’s released on May 19. The general sale of the pin will be open on May 20. This piece retails at £50.00 and $65.00. Gold Members will get 20% off the retail price. Only 500 Fawkes in Flight pins will be available for sale, making this a hot collector’s item. Get them while you can! You can find this limited, one-of-a-kind pin on the Harry Potter Fan Club website and mobile app.

Other enamel pins and sets are available for sale from the Pin Seeking Collection as well. Perhaps you fancy yourself a proud member of your Hogwarts House? Then you may as well shout it from the rooftops with box sets that show off the very best features of your House. If you want to add some more pet companions to your collection along with Fawkes, check out pins depicting Hedwig, Trevor, Fang, and more!


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