QuidditchUK Creates Plan for the Next Season

–QuidditchUK is already working on plans for the next Muggle quidditch season (2021–2022). There will be three tournaments and two leagues divided into regions and divisions.


The logo for the QuidditchUK Community League is shown.


The first events that will happen are Community League Fixture 2 and Community League Fixture 3 in September and October, respectively. Community League Fixture 1 was scheduled for August, but QuidditchUK decided to cancel that and give teams more time to prepare and train. The league is divided into divisions. Seeding into them is based on the last results from QuidditchUK tournaments, and new teams will start in the bottom division.


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For November, QuidditchUK has planned the first part of the University League, which is only for university teams. Northern Cup League 1 will be played on November 6 in North England or Scotland, and Southern Cup League 1 will be played on November 20 in South England. Then, each region is divided into two or three divisions that contain from four to six teams.


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The most important date for teams hoping to represent the United Kingdom in European Quidditch Cup (EQC) Divisions 1 and 2 is the European Qualifier Tournament (EQT), scheduled for February 5–6 in North England or the Midlands. The European Quidditch Cup (EQC) was supposed to happen in August, but it was postponed to 2022. Quidditch Europe has not confirmed the dates for the European Quidditch Cup yet, so QuidditchUK has to wait to finalize the dates for the EQT. QuidditchUK retained the same EQC spots, five in Division 1 and five in Division 2.

After the EQT, there will be the second part of the University League, with Southern Cup League 2 on February 19 and Northern Cup League 2 on February 26.


The logo for the QuidditchUK British Quidditch Cup is shown.


The British Quidditch Cup (BQC) is scheduled for April 9–10 in North England or the Midlands. It is an invitational tournament, and the invitation is based on the performance in the league. It is divided into the Community Flight and the University Flight. 12 teams will compete in the Community Flight, and 12 teams will compete in the University Flight.


The logo for the QuidditchUK Development Cup is shown.


The teams that do not qualify for the British Quidditch Cup can attend the Development Cup (DEV) on April 23–24 in Wales or the Midlands. QuidditchUK has decided that, in this season, no teams will be able to qualify for the BQC from DEV.


There is a chart with tournaments and their locations and dates in QuidditchUK's 2021--2022 season.


Nothing is definitively confirmed, and QuidditchUK is aware that the situation might change. The exact locations for each of the events aren’t known yet. QuidditchUK has only announced the regions that it expects will host the events, and discussions with possible venues are ongoing.

The main focus is still on the safety of players. Even once training is back with full-contact drills and without limits on the number of players, QuidditchUK strongly recommends that teams remain careful, including by keeping records of attendance and positive COVID-19 tests and sanitizing and disinfecting shared equipment.


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.