Two Adorable “Harry Potter” Cafés Open in Japan

Harry Potter-themed menus aren’t a new thing; we’ve recently seen a magical afternoon tea in Scotland and a spellbinding café in Malaysia, but now we have to add two more cafés to our list. Both are in Japan, with one opening in the Sakae district of Nagoya and the other one situated in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

The food and drinks served at the cafés are, obviously, themed around the wizarding world. If you want to show some House pride, you can order a bento box themed around it. All four have an interior that fits the House’s colors. They are all available to purchase for ¥1,800 (the equivalent of $16), although if you are willing to pay an extra ¥1,000, you can take the box home with you too!

If a bento box isn’t quite your thing, there are also several other magical mains. There’s an Owl Post Snack Platter, which includes sandwiches decorated like envelopes and small cupcakes to nibble on. You could also try to repot a mandrake by ordering the Herbology Class Salad or crack into a Hogwarts Crest Shepherd’s Pie.

If you have a sweeter tooth, the café’s desserts are even more magical. The most luxurious option is the Golden Snitch parfait, which, as the name suggests, is themed around the smallest Quidditch ball. There’s also a chocolate cake inspired by Newt’s suitcase and an orange tart featuring one of its inhabitants; the tart is under the care of an adorable Niffler! Speaking of magical creatures, the final dessert is a re-creation of the cake Hagrid created for Harry’s 11th birthday, even down to the misspelling on the icing.

Once you’ve finished your food, you might want a drink to wash it down. You can show your House pride once again with a bubbling smoothie colored to match your House, which you could also order for takeout and enjoy at home. If you’d rather finish your meal with a coffee, you could have a Hogwarts Express-themed latte. It has steam pouring out of the top in cotton candy form to echo the iconic train.

All of these dishes look amazing and are sure to taste just as good. The Tokyo café is open from July 22 to September 12, while the Nagoya café will be open from July 23 to August 22. Are you hoping to visit, and if so, which dish are you looking forward to trying the most?


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Neave Williamson

I've been a proud Slytherin for as long as I can remember, and love taking inspiration from the Wizarding World for short films.