Watch Tom Felton’s Adorable Reaction to His First Scene in “Harry Potter”

As most Harry Potter fans probably already know, all eight Potter films are now available to stream on Peacock, which is amazing, because now we have yet another excuse for a Harry Potter marathon. Tom Felton is ahead of all of us, though, because he teamed up with Peacock to celebrate this special occasion and blessed the Potter fandom by rewatching the scene in the first film where his character, Draco Malfoy, is first introduced, and seeing his reaction to those scenes is, quite frankly, adorable.

Felton has been providing fans with tons of Harry Potter entertainment this year. In March, he hosted a live Harry Potter TikTok screening where he shared his reaction to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with fans. He did the same thing on an Instagram live. He even admitted that he’d jump at the chance to play the role of a Malfoy again. Needless to say, Felton enjoys rewatching the films, and we sure enjoy doing it with him.

In the live TikTok Felton recorded after the films landed on Peacock, he watches the scene where all the first-year students arrive at the entrance to the Great Hall and meet Professor McGonagall for the first time. Felton’s reactions to the younger versions of himself and his castmates are simply heartwarming. He even seems to have memorized some of the cast’s expressions and mimicks them at times. As he watches Malfoy talking down to Ron, you can clearly see that Felton feels bad for young Ronald, which is kind of ironic to watch next to the menacing expression on young Felton’s face, but as Harry declines Malfoy’s invitation to be friends, Felton replies with “wrong answer, Harry! You just missed out on a serious opportunity,” which is probably totally what young Malfoy was thinking as he walked away from the Boy Who Lived.

The scene where the first years enter the Great Hall for the first time follows shortly after, and Felton shared that the expressions of amazement on everyone’s faces were very real since that was the first time the cast actually saw the Great Hall in all its magical glory.

We’d never seen the Great Hall ever; [the Sorting] was our first actual look at it. So everyone looking around going, ‘Oh my days,’ that was real. Also, all those candles are real. It was before VFX came in. You had them on a string. The sky they did later on, but it was ridiculous; it was amazing. It still is! Look at the size of the place! Hundreds of background people, supporting artists.

For those who didn’t already know, Felton’s grandfather actually appears as an extra in the Great Hall scene. He is the wizard in the purple hat and green robe seated near Dumbledore. Felton was delighted at the sight of him.

Oh my days, that is my grandfather as well. I forgot my grandfather – my real grandfather – is in this.

We don’t know about you, but we would love to watch all the Harry Potter films with Felton’s reaction right next to it. What would be even better is to get the whole cast together and have them rewatch it with all the fans. We can’t think of anything more magical than that. You can watch Felton’s reaction in the video below.



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