What Your Wand Says About You – Part 2

The Quibbler‘s Official* Wand Sign Analysis – Part 2.

We continue our analysis (read: unresearched curiosity and boredom) on what your wand really says about you. Are you spontaneous? Extroverted? A fan of making lists, then writing tasks down that you have already completed just so you can cross them off? Well, this is certainly (read: maybe) an article you should digest with earnest. Discover everything you need to know about your personality, likes, dislikes, and future below. Also, if you haven’t read Part 1 yet, we recommend you go ahead and do that here.

Let’s move on to black walnut, cherry, alder, hazel, and hornbeam wand carriers. You are delightfully unusual characters that have good instincts but are usually too wrapped up in your own world to use them. You are considerate and likable, but you have an odd tendency to drum your fingers on every available surface, much to the chagrin of those around you. You can get fixated on ideas that some would call vision; however, it borders on obsession, and you produce weak spells if suffering through a bout of self-doubt or low self-esteem. Side note: Those with phoenix and unicorn cores – carry a pencil on your person at all times during Christmas: You are going to be hit with an idea that will either turn into a world-changing invention or a new flavor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.



Dogwood wand carriers, no matter which core you have with this wand wood, you are naughty – but in an effortlessly charming way – and you are never one to shy away from a new activity. You are also likely to work or be studying toward a career in the entertainment industry. Good choice. Remember sometimes to use your inside voice as no one likes a yeller, and look out for a secret admirer popping up around November.

Chestnut and English oak wand carriers, you are a morning person who is destined to work with animals, and it is likely that you have more than one pet in your home and/or potted plants. You are also known to be excellent in a crisis as many a friend has called on you in their time of need. Interestingly, Merlin is rumored to have owned an English oak wand. For the wielders with a unicorn core, be prepared for 24 hours of being unable to get the song “Who Let The Dogs Out?” out of your head.



As a fir wand holder, you are likely a survivor and – similarly to a cat – have the potential for nine lives. Don’t be reckless with this information just because you are the most likely to pass through mortal peril unscathed. You also have a tendency to eat the entire chip packet without offering one to anyone else and sometimes show up to parties uninvited.

As for the cypress wand holder, you are noble, admirable, and incredibly impressive. However, you are probably going to die a heroic death. Sorry.



Ebony and pine wand wielders with any wand core, you are a deep dark individual with an impressive presence and mysterious aura. You are popular, smart, and almost always possess a sound musical talent. You are also sometimes labeled as the loner who usually prefers the company of no one. You claim to be a non-conformist and are hellbent on promoting your authenticity; however, you wear woolen hats in summer and have a finger tattoo of a mustache, feather, arrow, or musical symbol. Be prepared for a rude awakening in two weeks when a Gen Z youth refers to you as a hipster.

Silver lime, spruce, and walnut wand woods choose wizards of rare abilities. You are probably a Seer (especially if your core is unicorn hair), and you have an uncanny knack for knowing who is calling you before answering your phone. Though you are sometimes described as vague or a dreamer, you can have a firm hand when the time calls for it, and you would make an excellent writer. Check yourself twice before leaving home tomorrow as it is likely you have put your shirt on inside out.



What do you think? How spot-on were we? (Seriously, tell us. It would help our ratings if we at least got one thing right.)

*Again, NOT official, we have neither the authority nor license to legitimize this list, and let’s face it, everyone has a few quirks. (Except cypress wand holders – you are perfect.)


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