September Brings New Adventures in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”

We hope you didn’t miss the Hogwarts Express yesterday as witches, wizards, and Muggles from all over experienced the magic of heading back to Hogwarts with Wizarding World Digital. There will still be plenty of celebrations to come, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is no different. We have new adventures waiting for us in-game now.

Dealing with centaurs is always both dangerous and exciting in the wizarding world. Our character has been called upon by Torvus, whom we have been on good terms with since sealing the Cursed Vault in the Forbidden Forest, to deal with a disturbance. The bad thing is, we’re being blamed for the trouble. For us to clear our name and keep access to the Forbidden Forest, we have to figure out the mystery behind this trouble.



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A new month means a new Magical Milestones outfit. September’s fit is the Coat of All Clubs. This magic-imbued jacket changes colors to represent each Club at Hogwarts: purple for the Sphinx Club, gold for the Dragon Club, and emerald for the Hippogriff Club. The jacket is complete with a striped tie that also changes to accommodate the coat’s colors. To make September’s Magical Milestones a little extra special, we can now collect XP through this event to earn Chocolate Frogs!


September Magical Milestones

Coat of All Clubs outfit for September’s Magical Milestones in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


Now that we have a new outfit to work for, it’s time for us to dust off our brooms and get ready for another Quidditch chapter. In one of our latest updates, our characters were working to find balance on our team by nurturing our bodies, minds, and hearts. We nurtured our bodies in Chapter 6, and now it’s time for us to focus on taking care of our minds in Chapter 7. After seeking the help of Murphy and Professor McGonagall, our character realizes we have to empathize with opponents to anticipate their moves. This chapter ends with us being one step closer to achieving the proper balance for our Quidditch team.

There are so many events going on right now in Hogwarts Mystery. Whether you’re trying to collect Chocolate Frog cards, keep the peace with centaurs, or be the best Quidditch player you can be, there’s something for every player. What do you think of the Magical Milestones letting us earn Chocolate Frogs? We’re excited to keep growing our collections.


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