USQ Updates COVID Return to Play Guidelines

The Muggle quidditch season in the United States has already started, with a Welcome Weekend event organized by US Quidditch (USQ) on September 17–18. Meanwhile, USQ released updated return to play guidelines on September 17.

Like before, USQ is still using a system divided into Stages 0–3. Every team has to fill out a team practice form to resume in-person activities. Only teams or individuals that are in Stage 3 can participate in events organized by USQ.


There is an infographic with information on the USQ Return to Play Guidelines. There are five columns, alternating red and blue, with guidelines for each stage and information about them.


Since the spring, teams can skip to Stage 3 by verifying their vaccination status, which applies only to fully vaccinated players. Currently, the USQ Risk Management Team is implementing a temporary exemption for partially vaccinated players so that they can participate in events in Stages 2 and 3. It was created with the goal of encouraging vaccinations and helping recruit more players to teams. Rebecca Martin, USQ Risk Management Team Lead, said that it’s about protecting the community.

Public health is about protecting the health of a community. When it comes to an infectious disease, community members must rely on each other to be safe. This means that it is important to be aware of how our actions affect each other and that we must be considerate and care for the well-being of fellow community members.

A player who receives the first dose of a vaccine is eligible to participate in activities under Stage 2 but must wear a mask at in-person events until they are fully vaccinated. After the first dose of a vaccine, a player can attend events under Stage 3 only with a negative COVID PCR test.

In the September updates on the guidelines, the USQ specified its procedure for teams with positive cases of COVID-19. A team with a positive COVID case must stop all in-person activities for the next five days after exposure. After exposure to a positive player, those on the team are required to follow rules based on their individual vaccination statuses. Unvaccinated players must wait longer than vaccinated players to return to play. These updates are based on the guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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