Must-Follow Wizarding Photographers on Instagram

If you weren’t aware, there’s a huge, secret society of wizards and witches who gather on Instagram and post nothing but magical content. We unofficially call ourselves the Pottergram.



And while most of us are clobbering around with our iPhones, our free editing apps littered with popup ads, and dare I say it—our selfie sticks—there’s another type of Pottergrammer: the semi-pro or pro photographer with lean, mean Photoshop skills and a total obsession with the Wizarding World. You need to go follow them.

Why? Because you’re tired of the relentless, algorithmic flood of baby animal videos, grocery shopping celebrities, and the backs of blonde women in $150,000 dollar camper vans staring into oversaturated wilderness scenes.

It’s time to resuscitate your Muggle Instagram feed with some truly epic wizarding photographers. Don’t be a Dursley. Give them a follow!



Meet Candice and Craig of @TheWizardingSibs, two siblings from Canada who obsess over all things Wizarding World and take absolutely incredible fantasy photos. This one of Candice practicing her spells by a smoking cauldron is one of my favorites: 


A witch practices magical spells by a smoking cauldron

Source: Photograph by @TheWizardingSibs


Their Instagram page pushes the imagination beyond just the books and films, too. This portrait of Candice and her phoenix is especially imaginative and captivating:





Candice and Craig aren’t the only charmed family on Instagram wowing us with their photography. From Colorado, Alexandria (@Alexandriaslens) and her family work as a team to dazzle her many followers. Her supportive spouse often appears to help with lighting and effects, and her kids are frequent subjects. I love how this photographer gives us Muggles a peek behind the scenes:



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Here’s an arresting portrait of the artist, holding her baby and casting her Patronus in a dark forest:



Give this witch a follow!



Often wandering the dreamy outskirts of ancient castles, romantic English gardens, and winding wooded paths, Joy (@ItsaPotterParty) consistently adds a sense of beauty, calm, and magic to my online time. One of her recent images conjures a leisurely day at Hogwarts:



An American who relocated to England, Joy draws tons of inspiration from the lore and natural beauty all around her.

“I find the atmosphere in the Harry Potter films most inspiring to me when it comes to creating photographs,” Joy said. “It’s what I try to replicate in a lot of ways, mixed in with inspiration from other spaces. I like to try to create an image that feels like it could truly exist in a film, maybe a frame taken from a scene.”





If you’re like me, with moodier tastes and Slytherin sensibilities, @Slytherella has us covered. Apart from having possibly the greatest Instagram name ever, Denise (a photographer in Malaysia) makes thoughtful images that feel like poetry amidst the cluttered backdrop of Internet noise. Fully dedicating herself to a forest-green aesthetic, there’s an intimacy and a mystery in her beautiful Slytherin photography.


A Slytherin-themed still life includes flowers and a green copy of a Harry Potter book

Source: @Slytherella


I asked Denise what got her started. “I was inspired to pick up photography around the same time my brother gifted me a tiny Snitch figurine,” she said. “I placed it on top of my Harry Potter books and decided to snap a photo one night and slowly I started to shoot more often.”

Her advice to aspiring photographers? “Have fun. And don’t compare,” Denise advised. “It takes time to find a shooting/editing style that you’d want to stick to.”


A still-life features a bar of wizarding chocolates

Source: @Slytherella




If romantic, rustic scenes are more your speed, there’s no one better than Maïna (@Griisette) to bewitch your Instagram feed. A photographer from Burgundy, France, her images depict rural, quiet scenes with just a touch of magic. I love this mesmerizing portrait of her very Weasley-looking supper:

Source: @Griisette


I asked Griisette what inspires her. “Magic is everywhere, around us, in everything,” she replied. “I remember when I was a child, the smallest bit of twisted wood became a magic wand with fantastic powers. A dark forest, the lair of an evil creature.” 

To Maïna, it’s all about looking at the world as a child. I can’t get enough of her witchy imagination:


A fantasy photo depicts a young lady staring at Hogwarts, far in the distance

Source: @Griisette




Imana (of Breda, Netherlands), the vegan chef and brilliant photographer behind @MagicalFoodDepartment, consistently blows my mind. Not only does she create each breathtaking dish on her lavish Instagram page, but she also styles the most intricate, decadent sets for every photograph.

Her clear passion for food and love of all things Wizarding World collide to make jaw-dropping photographs. Asked about her intention, Imana explained her goal to “build an immersive vegan statement in the Wizarding World.” Mission accomplished! Here’s her breathtaking concept of a Nagini-themed matcha latte:



For Harry Potter’s birthday this year, she baked and styled Hagrid’s classic cake:



Head over to Instagram to give these brilliant photographers a follow.


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