Pop Art “Potter”: “Potter”-Inspired Art Collection on Display, Percentage of Sales to Benefit Lumos

While the Harry Potter franchise has long become an important part of pop culture, you wouldn’t necessarily call your typical Potter fan cultured. However, there seem to be some talented individuals out there who are thankfully seeing the magic and trying to bring the Wizarding World into fine art. Scottish artist Stuart McAlpine Miller’s Potter-inspired collection of oil paintings called Revelations: A Portrait of Magic is currently on display at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham, England, from now until October 23. Even more magical, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each painting will be going to Lumos Foundation.

A culmination of six years of work, Miller’s breathtaking pop art paintings feature abstract, seemingly transparent collage-like layers of various pictures over what looks to be the character posters from the Potter film series. What makes it even more impressive is that while collages tend to assemble all sorts of various media to form something new, Miller painted everything, including the incredible likenesses of the actors from the Potter movies.



It’s pretty wonderful that the Wizarding World can inspire such a great artist to see the franchise through new and interesting lenses. Thankfully, Miller is also trying to help a worthy cause with his pieces as well since 14% of the net sale price of each painting will be donated to Lumos. For those who have the means to purchase, you’ll be getting a beautiful work of Potter art and contributing to a noble charity that aims to improve care systems and end the institutionalization of children.

Hopefully, the ICC will start to see more cultured individuals dressed in robes and carrying wands.

Would you want to own a piece from the Revelations: A Portrait of Magic collection? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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