Merch Madness: Nothing Says Christmas Like an Ugly Sweater

Christmas is just around the corner, but have you started your festive shopping yet? If not, you might want to check out these magical gifts that any witch or wizard would love! This edition of Merch Madness has everything from fluffy toys to cool caps, so let’s get on with it!


Universal Orlando Resort Goodies

First up is a trio of treats that can be found at Universal Orlando Resort. For any budding writers out there, the resort recently unveiled a journal that could be perfect for you. The journal is designed to look just like a Hogwarts acceptance letter and features Harry’s address written in Dumbledore’s handwriting on the back. The journal clasps with a magnet designed to look like a Hogwarts wax seal. You’ll be able to buy your very own for $25.


The new Hogwarts Acceptance Letter journal available at Universal Orlando Resort.


We’ve got some cool caps to show you next. Who needs a Sorting Hat when you can choose your own House-themed baseball cap for $27? Each House’s cap has its own specific design based on the House colors and mascot, with the main section of the caps in black material and the front section in blue, yellow, red, or green, depending on the House. The caps also have the name of the House embroidered at the back. Check them out below!



The final new item available at Universal Orlando Resort will get us into the Christmas spirit. You can show off your House pride to Santa this year with a themed stocking. Each stocking is brightly colored to fit its House and features the emblem on both sides. 


Each House has its own stocking available at Universal Orlando Resort.

The stockings are available for $30 each.


Each House has its own stocking available at Universal Orlando Resort.

The stockings have House emblems on both sides.


Build-A-Bear Plushies

We’ve already told you about some of Build-A-Bear’s latest magical additions, but now there are even more ways to show off your House. You can now purchase a plush toy in the shape of your House’s mascot! You can also find plushies in the shapes of two favorite characters: Dobby and Buckbeak. These plushies range in price from $32 to $42.


Build-A-Bear's latest "Harry Potter" collection.

Each House now has a plush dedicated to its mascot.


Merchoid Ugly Sweaters

Last but not least, Merchoid is paying homage to Molly Weasley’s knitting skills with a whole collection of ugly Christmas jumpers. Whether it be a jumper with Harry’s or Ron’s initials across the chest or a jumper celebrating your Hogwarts House, there’s sure to be something cozy for you. If you’re looking for something more general, there’s also a design celebrating Hogwarts as a whole. Let us know which is your favorite!


Merchoid's new "Harry Potter" Christmas jumper collection.


Press Release


Merchoid are making Christmas 2021 as magical as can be

Merchoid are bringing back some of our Harry Potter classics to make your festive season just that little bit more magical! We can all agree that Christmas 2021 deserves to be as magical as possible, and there’s no better way to do that than to bring a little bit of Hogwarts magic to the muggle world with these Christmas sweaters, all available to order now!

Once again the Merchoid elves, under the watchful eye of Mrs Weasley, have been hard at work bringing back your most loved designs of festive seasons gone by to ensure every aspiring wizard and witch in your household can get a little bit closer to the magic this festive season. With each house gloriously represented, our Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff designs are mandatory uniform at Hogwarts during this time of year, along with the returning Mrs Weasley classics that are bestowed on every Weasley child (and adopted best friend) Merchoid are on hand to allow a little magic into your home this holiday season!

Now if only we had some of that Hogwarts magic when it came to cleaning up after Christmas Dinner!

The full Harry Potter Christmas Sweater range can be found here :

That’s all we have in stock for this Merch Madness. Check back for more goodies in the run-up to Christmas!


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