The Tournaments and Trials of “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”

The end of November is here, and the new chapter in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has us pondering what else is in store for our characters. Whether it’s legendary Snitches, Dark Scrolls, or organizing a tournament of clubs, there’s no shortage of adventures.

Sometimes too much studying can make one go loopy, so why not make studying more interactive and fun? Barnaby came across a book from the Hippogriff Club’s founder, Olin Oakwood, after an interaction with a kelpie. This book mentions the Trials of Iron, Oak, and Flame, which are part of an epic tournament held between the founding members of the three Hogwarts clubs. This gives us the idea to bring this tournament back to add some excitement to our studies. After a few visits, all the clubs are excited to compete in the Tournament of Clubs. The trials begin, and the competition gets out of hand and ends with injuries and hurt feelings. Will we come up with the right solution to get everyone back on friendly terms and the injured out of the hospital wing?


Tournament of Clubs information in "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery"

Tournament of Clubs information in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


Once we’ve settled the tension from the tournament, it’s time to catch up on the latest chapter. In our last update, Jacob told us all about his latest adventures, including what he knows about the Dark Scroll. Our friends are pleased to hear that Jacob is doing better after his updated treatment. Madam Strout informs us that our new assignment will take us to the Janus Thickey Ward for long-term patients. We feel conflicted after learning our patient is Zenith Xeep, the Dark witch who took part in the memory-erasing scheme in connection with “R” several chapters ago.

We’re then approached by Talbott, who believes his mother’s ghost is haunting St. Mungo’s. He has encountered a ghostly swan during his assignment, and a swan was his mother’s Patronus. We hear him out and keep this in the back of our mind until we see the ghostly swan while interacting with our patient and determine that it’s definitely a Patronus, but from whom?



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If the mysteries are too much to handle right now, some Quidditch can be a good stress reliever. We’re visited by a former Keeper who recounts the tale of the Legendary Snitch of Hogsmeade. Legend says that the team who catches this Snitch will win the Quidditch Cup. Of course, our team is going to get in on the competition and try to find this Snitch before anyone else. Did you have what it takes?


The Legendary Snitch of Hogsmeade information in "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery"

The Legendary Snitch of Hogsmeade information in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


Hogwarts Mystery continues to keep us guessing about what’s coming next. Will Madam Xeep recover her memories and give us information about “R” or rejoin them? What about the swan that’s making appearances in St. Mungo’s? Hopefully, the next chapter will hold some answers.


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