It’s the Season of Giving in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”

Last week was packed with activities in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The Christmas Charity Chocolate Frog Hunt was a success, a new chapter dropped for Year 7 and Quidditch as well, and the hodag made its appearance. Let’s dive right into the fun.

At the end of November, Chapter 24 left us scratching our heads as to what a ghostly swan Patronus was doing at St. Mungo’s and how we could help Madam Xeep with her memory loss. After talking to Talbott, we reach the conclusion that this Patronus could be a protective charm for a patient at St. Mungo’s, specifically Madam Xeep because of her history with “R.” When we consult Jacob, he admits that “R” will do anything to keep themselves out of harm’s way and warns us to be careful whom we trust. We receive a cryptic warning from Merula that something out of the ordinary will be happening at St. Mungo’s. Upon our arrival, we notice friends and staff can’t stop laughing, and that means people can’t work, so what’s going to happen to our patients?



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Skipping out on chapters in-game is no laughing matter, so let’s catch up on what’s going on in the Quidditch world. The Quidditch Cup final is quickly approaching, and we expect our team stands a good chance in the competition. Skye has recommended her dad as a coach to help the team get ready, but our character suggests we invite all four teams to be coached together, which is a hit. After an unexpected infestation on the Quidditch pitch, a decision was made to postpone all matches, including the Quidditch Cup. Can we come up with the perfect solution to take care of this obstacle?

After you’ve gotten caught up on the latest chapters, head over to see Hagrid and the new creature he needs help with. The hodag is available for adoption, and this little buddy is quite the feisty handful.


Magical Creature release for the hodag in "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery"

Magical creature release for the hodag in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


In our last update, the Christmas Charity Chocolate Frog Hunt had just kicked off its efforts. This five-day event benefited the national campaign No Kid Hungry. On Day 1, we visited the Great Hall, found the Chocolate Frog, and helped Hogwarts Mystery get to its goal of $3,000. Day 2 led us to the courtyard and helped raise $4,000, Day 3 took us to the Magical Creatures Reserve and helped raise $5,000, Day 4 sent us to the Potions classroom and helped raise $8,000, and Day 5 led us to the Charms classroom with a goal of $10,000. Thanks to the gracious hearts of every player, Hogwarts Mystery hit its goal every day! In honor of this, Jam City will be donating $30,000 to No Kid Hungry.



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Talk about a wild week. We’re so excited that Hogwarts Mystery hit its fundraising goal, and we’re even more excited for the next adventures that are heading our way in-game.


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